The happy intersection of two enthusiasms, cycling and photography, launched VeloDramatic in 2009. It's been an exciting new chapter in a twenty-five year design career that brought me back to my roots in a family of photo journalists. Growing up I learned about newspapers and photography from watching my photo editor father and Canada's best shooters work up close; photographers like Boris Spremo, Graham Bezant, Andrew Stawicki, and Dick Loek. Undoubtedly that's why so much of my work is black and white today.

Design is the other great influence on my photography. I'm always thinking about layout, negative space and typography. That awareness has been a definite benefit to clients, on location and during the editing process.

Given the opportunity I'm going to opt for daylight and genuine action over the studio but I've developed a comfort level with flash that's opening up new composite possibilities. I hope to have some examples up on the redesigned velodramatic soon.

Contact me if you have an assignment that fits or want to license an image for stock.