Socked In – Cold Comfort for this Commuter

Mt. Hamilton - 01.23.2008Winter has finally arrived in the Bay Area. Mt. Hamilton, benign and warm on New Year's Day, has been socked with snow and shrouded by cloud most of the week. Down in the valley, the commuting miles have been cold, damp and miserable, despite an additional layer or two of clothing.


Campy Textran socksToday I tested a pair of Campagnolo Textran socks inside the Defroster shoes (see previous post). They helped a bit, but my feet were still cold by the time I made the 12.5 miles to the office this morning.

My initial impression is they're probably better suited to cool spring/fall mornings, not the colder temps we're experiencing now. The stylish but hidden socks are available in two sizes: medium and large. I found the recommended large size a little roomy (my shoes are 43s), even though the material didn't bunch up in my shoes.

The socks have a flat seam that bisects the sole, heel to toe. As someone who routinely turns dress socks inside out so the seams don't bother me, this had me worried. Happily with a pair of Swobo Merino Socks underneath I couldn't feel the seam at all. Aside: Sean Connery's character in the film Finding Forrester had the same idea about socks. It may be that many of my fellow Scots share this idiosyncrasy. Something to investigate when I'm over there next month.

Tomorrow's forecast is for 1-2 inches of rain and 20-30 mph winds. That'll be fun.

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