30 Days of Rapha – When it Rains it Pours

Commute: 25 miles roundtrip
Weather: Rain Temp: 55 deg.
Rapha Kit:  ¾ Rapha Bib Shorts, Merino Base Layer, Cross Jersey, Rapha Stowaway Jacket
Accessories:  Merino Socks, Rapha Fixed Backpack, Winter Hat

If you tried to connect to Velodramatic today and came up empty I can explain. My ISP decided to shut down their Los Angeles data center and physically move the “box” my site runs on to San Diego. To hear them explain it, it was easier to load the server containing terabytes of data from thousands of sites on a truck than it was to transfer all those bytes via the network. Sometimes the low tech solution is the best answer. Pity they couldn't have spooled a cable out the back of the truck on the way.

A steady rain made my commute a slippery, grimy affair in both directions. On the way in I lathered up with Mad Alchemy's uber secret embro, a wonderfully aromatic blend with a hint of coffee and a little less heat as preferred by embrocation magazine's Jeremy Dunn. It definitely smells great but I prefer the intensity of the MA medium. This not only gave my legs a nice sheen but it provided a perfect base for the tailings to adhere to. Once again, the water found its way into my Defrosters, slowly at first but by the time I reached the office, I was actually pumping water out the top of the boots with every turn of the pedals. Archimedes would be proud.

Ordinarily I'd suit up with rain pants for a day like this. That's a piece of kit that Rapha has not tackled yet. I believe the designers are thinking about trousers of some kind... something to look forward to down the road. Without that gear I improvised on the way home with packing tape (low tech again). Looked like hell (as you can see in the photo) but worked a charm. After managing to dry most of my kit at the office, I avoided a repeat of the soaking I received on the front nine.

The round (can't resist the cycling golf comparisons) confirmed the one-hour water resistance rating I gave the Stowaway Jacket earlier this month. Good to know if you're lucky enough to have more than one Rapha Jacket option for the weather conditions.

Even though it was dark by the time I got home, I gave the bike a good rinse, dried it off and lubed the chain before putting it up for the night. The next four days are forecast to be glorious so I want the bike to ready for the final act in this 30 Day adventure.

9 Responses to 30 Days of Rapha – When it Rains it Pours

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  2. You can’t argue with the tape!

  3. Richard says:

    I commuted every day for 6 years in drizzly London and found Seal Skinz socks to be the perfect method for keeping the toes dry. Available in all black so they won’t suddenly make you look all ‘disco’. UK brand I think, but Wiggle.co.uk do international shipping and international currency conversion on their site (they’re fast too – even to my current neck of the woods).

    In comparison to the high end threads you’re used to stylin’, these fella’s are cheap as chips. But they work like a charm when the heavens open. Good on bright cold days for keeping the windchill down too. I had a pair on yesterday in 2°C and the toes were toasty.

    If you fancy taking a punt, I’ve got a £5 off voucher at Wiggle which needs using in the next week or so – ping me an email for the code.

  4. Georges says:

    Re your server, reminds me of the wise saying: “Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes hurtling down the highway.”

  5. Richard,

    Thanks. I’ve heard good things about the Seal Skinz (almost ordered a pair last year). I’m sure I’ve got the same Wiggle coupon kicking around from my trip to the Hebrides interaction with Wiggle. I’m intrigued, do you know how they came up with that name? It’s a keeper


    Rapha-branded packing tape could really catch on. Good thing I’ve not let that leg hair grow back for the winter yet.

    At first the idea struck me as just plain crazy… but the more I thought about the unpredictability of hardware upgrades… the more I thought it was the safest way to get the job done. I’m sure someone could create a business running machines between cities in a satellite/generator equipped truck that kept them online during the move. Much more efficient than the extension cord.

  6. Richard says:

    No idea where Wiggle got their name to be honest. Though I seem to recall someone once saying it was a tenuous link to the climbing style of Bernhard Kohl. :)

  7. Greg says:

    For the interested, there are a few places to get Seal Skinz on this side of the pond:


    Although none of the names is quite as fun as Wiggle. ;)

  8. brian says:


    it rains in california?


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