Updated: Bringing Velodramatic Up to Speed

Most of the heavy lifting on the site is done. The net result looks quite similar but under the covers it's leaner and meaner. There are still a few optimizations to go that promise even more improvement in loading speed for those of you reading Velodramatic regularly. A new gallery and comprehensive archives will follow shortly. And yes, I'll eventually get round to a cycling post.

You wouldn't know it to look at the frequency of posts in the last month but I've been hard at work tuning up Velodramatic for the year ahead. Between keeping up with changes to the WordPress platform and delving into the code for a new theme (more architectural than visual) my head is just about ready to explode. Earlier tonight I thought I'd passed under the 1 km banner and could see the finish line but I miscalculated the effort and discovered I was spent as the php peloton rushed past on either side.

I hate to devote any of the scant few brain cells I have left to plumbing when there are stories to tell and pictures to share. This is just the way the world works today, whether we like it or not we're stuck learning about networks, routers, ISPs, browser caches, SEO, expires headers, subdomains etc. etc. Work and life combine and parallel each other in unexpected ways that inevitably involve an IP address and limited bandwidth.

I kid myself that my bikes are a refuge from the technological maelstrom that surrounds us. And then I remember the Garmin GPS on my stem and the carbon frame beneath me that would make F1 teams from a few decades past jealous. Electronic shifting is out there and by all accounts it's great. You can't escape.

With luck I'll sort out the remaining issues, all to do with my custom pages... bikes, gallery etc. and have the new show on the road tomorrow night.

14 Responses to Updated: Bringing Velodramatic Up to Speed

  1. Alastair Mucklow says:


    Good post. I’m also a web designer AND a keen cyclist. Because of the amount of time I spend chewing data in my working life I deliberately cut out that side of riding: no speedo, no GPS, and only a basic HRM when I really need it.

    I think I discovered this blog via the images on Rapha’s Flickr stream?

    Respect on The Tab by the way. Healthy.


  2. Dave P says:


    It’s enough to make you long for the days when all you had was a 1 speed bmx bike and your parents cared only that you were home for supper and then again for bed. No cell phones, gps or any of the other crap we use to judge how far we’ve progressed. I too have a Garmin although it only gets brought out on a rare occasion. By the way is that Greek or geek you speak?


    • Dave,

      I’d say it was geek to me and Greek to you. Wish I knew less about it, but it’s an unavoidable part of my day job… designing in a development-focused organization. They don’t respect you if you don’t speak the language a little. The cell phone has got my vote as the most annoying bit of technology in modern life. Mine is usually in my Rapha backpack for emergencies but I constantly forget to charge it. When I take it on long rides out into the country… there’s usually no signal. It’s a brick. And speaking of Garmin, I’ve got a funny post coming up this Spring re: my 305. I’m with you… wish I could turn back the clock to those days as a kid.

  3. Joe says:

    …i see my post was deleted. sorry for including the link (in my post). totally unintentional…i didn’t even think about it until after i hit submit….feel free to delete this one too. it was the only way i could think of to apologize for the link…
    many apologies…

  4. Joe,

    more likely an error by my SPAM filter which is getting deluged these days.


  5. Joe says:

    … love the way you compared racing with blogging/coding. love the alliteration in php peloton (just rolls off…)…there is definitely a beautiful poem there somewhere.

    P.S… just ordered a few baselayers and caps from Dan Langlois/Dan Action (campcupboards.bigcartel.com)…his young line looks very promising. thought you might want to take a look at a guy who is hand stitching beauty right in his apartment in good ole Philly. i believe he is a Rapha Cont rider as well? i found him out in the blogosphere and saw he was looking to start a cycling clothing line…i think he has only made a handful (and i have two of each heading south as we speak). i’d be happy to report back to you on what i find with his stuff….seeing as though we both share a passion for cycling couture.

    huge fan,

  6. Joe says:

    …forgot to mention that i am still looking for the 3 days without Rapha…Ha!

  7. Greg says:

    Loving the chain in the new header. Looking forward to the rest of the refresh!

  8. Michael says:

    Upper right corner or the new banner still has the old link for the VeloDramatic text.

    Great writing and great imagery. I’m jealous that it is too cold in the northeast to be on the bike.

    • thanks Michael.

      I take it you’re not “seeing” the text, just seeing the cursor change when you’re over that area?
      If you can see the actual text, let me know what browser you’re using. I feel your pain about the weather. I lived in Toronto for 30 years. I’m sure everyone up there logging miles is doing it indoors.
      Fingers crossed for an early spring.

  9. RMW says:

    Hi! A little Rapha Winter gear combines with some other pieces and I rode all week here in Cowtown, -10 to -25C snow everywhere, did about 150km+ on my cross commuting :) …sure beat the 100′s done indoors leading up to this last week of good weather.

    Keep up the cool site. Thanks!

  10. BR says:

    Notice that the road picture shows deep cuts in the center of the road. We need to find the evil bastard that decided to cut the old bod dots out of the road and leave the divots. The update looks great and we all appreciate the effort. Looking forward to the gallery.

  11. Michael says:

    No visible text in the upper right. Just a link when I mouseover – the link actually extends out into the gray border. I’m using Firefox 3.0.5 on WinXP.