Rapha Continental Stage 2 Gallery

Ben Leiberson drills it on Highway One The Rapha Continental Team's amazing reconnaissance of this year's Tour of California wrapped up today. I've just posted a gallery of 77 images from Stage 2 - Sausalito to Santa Cruz. It is the first entry on the new Velodramatic gallery page. More galleries will be posted to this page in the next couple of days.

The Continental Stage 2 Gallery

14 Responses to Rapha Continental Stage 2 Gallery

  1. RMW says:

    I so want the snow to melt from here now…

  2. Richard says:

    Absolutely superb gallery – SO makes me want to be out riding!

    I echo the above sentiment 100% – I want the snow gone and the temperature above -15C. Now.

    (digging the new architecture BTW)

  3. Another great gallery.

  4. Dave P. says:

    You said the ride started in Sacremento. Did a couple of prisoners from Folsom sneak in to the group?

  5. Dave,

    I take it you’re referring to the beards, or perhaps its all the body ink. Personally I was trying to encourage Cole to shave his off (he’s a handsome guy after all) while riding. When was the last time you someone in the pro peloton do that?

  6. Ronnie says:

    very nice photo essay. very nice. if you ever ride through oakland, berkley give me a shout and i’ll show you some of the local rides.

  7. Drew says:

    stunning colors, makes me want to ride the west coast.

  8. Dave P says:

    Did Bob Roll ride with mutton chops or did that come later?

  9. Dave Pankras says:

    Cole’s beard would surely come in handy cycling in the cool temps here in Alberta. Just wish I was man enough to grow one.

  10. Dave, Johnny,

    All the facial hair reminds me of playoff hockey.