Embrocation Magazine – the First Application

Embrocation Magazine's Premiere IssueYesterday I received a copy of the premiere issue of Embrocation magazine. I met its editor, Jeremy Dunn, on the Rapha Occidental Continental last month. On that day Jeremy demonstrated the strength of his legs by hanging with the unstoppable Ira Ryan until the last punishing climb, the magazine showed he's got some real design chops to go with those iron legs.

The lush imagery and imaginative story lines drew me in immediately and in short order I'd spent the better part of two hours reading it cover to cover. Like any good embrocation there was a penetrating warmth with the opening note "Completely Custom" Dan Langois' engaging tale of a cycling kit all-nighter with his mom. That story set the tone for the often intimate Cyclocross-themed passion that followed with an intriguing mix of narrative, illustration, cartoons and interviews.

The production values of the landscape format magazine are stellar. From a design perspective it felt very much like the gorgeous spec books that paper mills commission to celebrate the creative and production merits of their premium papers. As I suggested in my congratulatory note to Jeremy, the paper manufacturer should be providing a paper discount for issue two in return for a few thousand overruns. It would make a very nice leave behind for paper reps. Enough of the design industry talk though, this is first and foremost a publication for cyclists, and in particular this time out, for CX'ers and wannabes hoping to soak in the CX Atmo.

I loved the illustrations by Hannah Kirshner and the often gritty evocative photography throughout. On a week where a first application of Record's Pregara Forte never produced a calorie of heat on my legs this Embrocation's glow stayed with me for hours, and I didn't want to wash it off.

Issue one of Embrocation is a worthy addition to your cycling reading list. You can order your copy from the Embrocation blog. Great prologue Jeremy.


3 Responses to Embrocation Magazine – the First Application

  1. peter weber says:

    the visual imagery of the magazine is top notch. unfortunately i was constantly distracted by the large number of grammatical errors. hopefully the next “issue” will have a level of writing quality to keep up with the photo quality.

  2. I want to see Embrocation succeed. Jeremy, I’m volunteering to proof issue 2 layouts to avoid the problems Peter points out. A small group of “beta” editors would probably be a great help. I’m in.

  3. J Bonus says:


    I would like to volunteer to be an editor, “beta” or otherwise, for subsequent issues. I have written ride reports for my club. I have a BA in English and I have worked as an editor for an educational publishing company in the past. Now it’s off to buy the first issue of Emobrocation!