The Tour of California Project: This is Why I Love Rapha

If this doesn't bring you along with Rapha nothing will. The opening video brought a lump to my throat, knowing the guys and having been there for one of their early days, I'm now kicking myself for not booking the time off work (or quitting) to witness this start-to-finish. I'm not surprised that Daniel's words and images, and the sheer poetry of the video are wonderful, but even by Rapha standards this is extraordinary. To the whole team, behind the scenes, behind the cameras, behind the wheel and front and center on the pedals... congratulations.

Rapha Continental Rides the Tour of California.
An Episode every day during this year's Tour

Make sure you tune in to the story as it unfolds. I dare say it may turn out to be as compelling at the Tour of California itself. And certainly closer to the ground that we mortals ride upon.

Daniel, Carey... it was all worth it.

15 Responses to The Tour of California Project: This is Why I Love Rapha

  1. Dan H says:

    Watching this almost made me cry!

    I’ve mentioned before how much I love and miss California. But to see it like that, blood, sweat and gears is how I want to feel it next time.

    I’ll be tuned in for both Rapha and the Amgen tour.


  2. Richard says:

    Agree 100% with everything already said. A tear-jerker for the enlightened man. Top video, fantastic edit, perfect soundtrack – superb words:

    “One of the reasons the Rapha Continental came into being was to blend that effort more commonly associated with elite competition with the everyman’s experience of an epic ride”

    What a fabulous sentence!

    (My 3 year old son’s favourite bedtime story is still my dog-eared print-out of DWP’s Fremont Peak – no kidding!)

    Grace, grit and pure poetry – absolutely extraordinary.

  3. Jeff says:

    Beautifully put.

  4. Dave P. says:

    Not to sound like a wet blanket but this didn’t bring a lump to my throat at all. What did was a friend of mine – a 31 year old up and coming cardiologist in Vancouver being killed along with his fiance in a marked crosswalk by an 18 year old drunken hit and run driver last Saturday night. They were returning from dinner where they had just gotten engaged.

    This was a beautifully made video but at the end of the day it is still some good riders riding their bike. Nothing more – nothing less.

  5. Erick says:

    This is very cool!! actually the whole site is sweet. The images from Pescadero 08 are nice and not juts because that is me in the image named “big corner”

    Love this site and check it all the time.

  6. Erick says:

    oops sorry that is image “big corner 1″ in case anyone cares

  7. Ronnie says:

    yeah. i don’t think there’s really any way to get around how inspiring rapha as a brand and company is. i was at the toc today checking out all of the cool stuff and really just wanted to be back in the oakland hills riding. it’s a dilemma, right? rapha as a brand is very pretentious (at least i think) but damned if it isn’t almost impossible to be pretentious when you’re grinding up a hill and everything disappears – bike, jersey, everything. (it’s also humbling when the dodgy old dude who has been riding that same hill for the past 20 years spins past you and smiles or curses)

    bravo rapha… reality marketing at its finest.

  8. RMW says:

    that was stellar…i really like the way they did that.

  9. Erick says:


    Sure is – I think I was dropped on that decent – got back on the flat but was then dropped again. Classic! anyway to purchase a print of my stunning defeat?

    • Let me have a look in the image library for it. I still owe Ethan, another participant a print. Would be great if I satisfy two of you in one print session.

  10. RMW says:

    Anyone know what music that is? I have been watching this over and over and cannot seem to figure it out…now I have the music stuck in my head as I plan our epic 220km ride through the rockies when/if the snow melts.

    • Yes, Brian Palmer of thewashingmachinepost has it figured out and just resent it to me.

      ‘the marionette’ by tristeza from the album ‘spine and sensory’

  11. RMW says:

    thanks, I checked out the wmp and found it. it is called ‘the marionette’ by tristeza

    by the way my wife who is just started to learn photography is in awe of your shots :) (somehitng about hero and god like) i cannot wait to be a test subject on the roads this year…