2009 Tour of California Prologue – Complete Gallery

Levi and Lance sharing a moment at the awards ceremony

I've uploaded my complete Prologue Gallery. I'm off to pick up Brendan for a long day out on Highway 1 waiting for a very wet Stage 2 peloton. Don't expect much given the difficulties of road closures and limited alternative routes; we'll see.

Complete Prologue Gallery

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  1. BR says:

    I had to remain at home today so Michael is out on highway 1 braving the biggest storm of the season so far with the diehard’s. I did watch the Santa Rosa stage and I assume that the conditions are worse than yesterday. Santa Rosa is inland and the ride down to Santa Cruz is either facing the wind from the ocean or climbing to the clouds and the heaviest rain. Tim, how did you fare on the Rapha run? Had to be a long day.

  2. Just back in. All things considered the weather was actually not bad. I caught the peloton the first time on Highway 1, just North of the Tunitas Creek climb. Catching the tail end of the caravan I was past 84 in five minutes and headed straight down 1 to the Bonnie Doon Climb. I feel bad. I spotted Slate Olson and the Rapha ride but shot straight past, worried that the CHP would close the road. When I passed them (30 miles from Santa Cruz), the sun was out and the road was dry.

    As it turned out I could have spent an hour shooting the Rapha ride and still driven onto Bonnie Doon Road, though parking would have been a bitch. I need to dry out a bit and pull the images off the cards.

    I’ll post the complete story later. Whirlwind.

  3. Travis says:

    Wow. great pictures!