Enter the Dragons – New Kicks from Italy’s DMT

DMT Dragons are stylish cycling-styled casual shoes

DMT Dragon Gallery

Saturday, my pal Brendan and I rolled out for our first ride together since his major overhaul at the Stanford Medical Service Course. Fifteen pounds lighter and looking sharp in his Rapha winter jersey Brendan was clearly tickled to be pedaling his Soulcraft in earnest again. We followed a familiar loop from Los Altos to Woodside, stopping for a coffee at the midway point on a cool morning that refused repeated attempts by the sun to break through the clouds. Even a flat couldn't spoil the mood, with so much cycling news and gear to catch up on.

And despite the weather we were not alone. Hundreds, and I do mean hundreds of cyclists were out in groups of tens and twenties all up and down Foothill, Sandhill and Highway 84. A veritable interbike of Cervelos, Sevens, Parlees, Specializeds, Treks, Colnagos, Serottas, and Wiliers out on parade. I'm guessing but the recent ToC may have inspired a new commitment to get out and ride... and that's great.

After dropping Brendan off I headed home to shower and grab lunch. I pulled on some clean clothes and decided it was time to lace up the new pair of DMT Dragons that arrived Friday. Diamant (DMT) has been making cycling shoes in Bonferraro di Sorgà since 1996 but founder Federico Zechetto has been crafting shoes for cyclists for 30 years, and every pair proudly bears the Italian flag on the heel collar. The Dragons are DMTs lifestyle answer to all of us who want to take a little road styling with us when we're in street clothes.

DMT Dragons are stylish cycling-styled casual shoes

DMT Dragon Gallery

The white and silver Dragons share the same microfiber and mesh uppers as DMT's Radial road shoes; meaning they breathe. It comes as no surprise that DMT used to make football boots, I'm positive the grippy white surface of the uppers would impart some wicked spin to a well struck free kick (I'll put that to the test and report back later). In the meantime I can say these are comfortable, good looking shoes. The soles are smooth and virtually treadless so you wouldn't want to take these hiking in the hills. Stick to city streets, park benches and coffee shops where you can put your feet up and enjoy the scenery while sipping on your machiatto, dreaming about this year's Giro.

The Dragons are available in two colors: white/silver and black/gold; sizes 37-48. The European fit may not be ideal for high insteps and those that require a wide last. The Dragons can be purchased online from Gitabike for $150. Salute!

3 Responses to Enter the Dragons – New Kicks from Italy’s DMT

  1. Eric says:

    Will you be replacing your Lake’s with DMT Radials now?

  2. Eric,

    Only if they send me a pair to test. I’m behind on my updates to the TAB, and frankly over budget at the moment ;-) If I had any spare time I’d take that second job to support the habit.

    Nice looking shoes though, as are the 2009 SPD-variant DMT Wilds