Bike Cuisine – Cycling’s Best Dessert/Snack

Cup of Gold

Cup of Gold Snack Bars

I have to thank Mykle Khong, Tech Manager and MaƮtre de at my LBS, San Jose Trek, for introducing me to cycling's best kept snack secret, the Cup of Gold. It seemed fitting to photograph this "snack bar" as a true dessert; the combination of chocolate, low-fat peanut butter and oats tastes that good, on the bike or on the dessert plate.

Each 2 oz. bar packs 195 calories, contains 11g of protein, 345mg of potassium and 7g of fiber with no cholesterol or trans fat. The Cup of Gold is packed in an easy-to-open foil wrap making it ideal for your jersey pocket. I normally have a couple with me on every long ride.

If you can't make it into my LBS Cup of Golds are available directly from Horizon Health in Franklin Tennessee. Horizon Health President, Danielle Ontiveros created the recipe when she was only 16. Even now she routinely ships the product with a personal thank you note.

Admittedly my wife and I are addicted, so every few months we order ten boxes (240 bars) and get an 11th box free. I look forward to one as a reward ever day I commute into the office. Order from Horizon Health.


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  1. Jeremy says:

    Love it…love the photography. Another great!