Head over Heels – A Hard Lesson in Irony

I'm late for a meeting and even the never-red traffic lights are against me on this morning's commute. Two miles to go, approaching a left turn which is usually a slow and go. Today there are several parked cars lined up round the corner. One of them, a stationary white van hides a moving white car in a dangerous alignment I don't see until there's nothing to do but reef both brakes hard. Front wheel locks, plants and sends me hurdling over the bars to land in a heap in the roadway. Just once I wish I could stick the landing. The car, traveling at a conservative speed on the quiet neighborhood street, saw me and stopped 30 feet short.

As I scrambled quickly to my feet, someone calls my name. The driver of the white car has made a right onto my cross street and stopped. I look up and see one of my coworkers, who'd been taking his daughter to school. Nice. Considering there are only ten of us at the company, what are the chances of getting run over by a coworker? I laughed out loud. He spotted an old wound on my shin and worried I was hurt. I was more worried about the Cervelo so I didn't tell him it was a shaving injury caused by a bad blade in one of my wife's razors. My pride can only take so much damage at any one time.

Later he told me his daughter might ask me to do that again the next time she sees me. I'm afraid I'm going to have to disappoint the child. Close call.

7 Responses to Head over Heels – A Hard Lesson in Irony

  1. Sev says:

    Ouch. Hope you are all right. Haven’t been reading your blog long but I like it. Keep writing (and riding!).


  2. No damage to me Sev, the Cervelo drive train is hurting though. I think I’ve slightly bent the rear derailleur, it needs some attention.

    Enjoyed the O’Sullivan snooker break video on your blog. That was magic.

    thanks for stopping by.

  3. sam says:

    glad to hear that you’re ok, michael. my worst fear is falling off the bike…

  4. I always worry about taking the skin off my hands in a fall, which is why I wear full-fingered gloves year round. They saved my knuckles yesterday. My wedding ring cut right through the outside of the glove.

    Funny thing… I was just asking Luke S. at Rapha whether they’d have full fingered leather gloves in the line up again.

    Thanks for finding that piece on the automated parking – cool.

  5. sam says:

    glad you saw it. what gloves do you wear? i’ve been considering full fingered gloves as well but only seem to find the ‘winter weight’ models…

  6. Sam,

    I really like Specialized’s Body Geometry Gel Glove They breathe well and have great padding on the heel of the palm. The small gap at the closure does create a strange tan line though. I’ll wear these for 60 degrees and above.

    The Specialized Equinox Glove is good for cool spring, fall mornings. it doesn’t breathe that well, but it cuts wind nicely and like all the Specialized gloves, has a great fit.

    It’s not a summer glove by any means, but I’m still wearing the Campagnolo TGS Waterproof Winter Gloves. I got these for Scotland but they were no where near as padded or insulated as they appear in their product photographs. They’re actually perfect in the 50s. The only issue with these gloves is the silicon gripper material peels off quickly.

  7. Dougie says:

    One of those day’s you’ll fall on your head Michael, I do enjoy reading the articles, makes you feel you’re right there with you. Might be difficult for you seeing ahead.

    Take care,