Nevada City 2009 – Gallery

Livestrong was riding strong gallery

This selection gives a little bit more context to a great day for the community and for Norcal cycling, enjoy. Thanks Nevada City.

5 Responses to Nevada City 2009 – Gallery

  1. SteveM says:

    Great pics – all of them!

  2. BR says:

    The pain train…awesome stuff. The side shot of Lance is the most honest and realistic view of a Pro that I have ever seen. They make it look so easy but this picture makes him mortal once again, the wear & tear is real, the thousands of miles are apparent.

    • Which shot are you refering to BR, I know I didn’t shoot anything that good ;-) This was actually a tough race to photograph. The pro race coverage was the best, not because I wasn’t working the other cats just as hard, but because they started racing at noon… under a super bright cloudless sky. Horrible light for photography. By the time the Pro field got underway the light had softened quite a bit.

  3. BR says:

    I am referring to the color side shot of Lance and the detail in the muscles, etc.

  4. Maura says:

    These are stunning. I agree with BR…the side shot of Lance made me pause.