Hellyer – American Velodrome Challenge 2009

Screaming down the home stretch Punishment Piston Powered Illustrated man

A few of quick highlights from tonight's Keirin races at the AVC... more tomorrow.

13 Responses to Hellyer – American Velodrome Challenge 2009

  1. Brian Peterson says:

    Excellent images. I LOVE that first one of Pete in the Keirin. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  2. Linda Elgart says:

    Wow, really, really good photos!

  3. Daddy Iggy says:

    Great black and white phots. Do you have any of little Iggy Silva? He’s wearing the Rock Uniform. Incredible shots. Great Job. God bless everyone outhere and give my little boy a shout by calling him Gootch, Gootch. Tell him it’s from his daddy.


    Daddy iggy

  4. nick holbrow says:

    Great pictures i especially wish i could have legs like the ones in the third picture.

  5. Dave Wyman says:

    The second photograph does it for me – the rough-hewed glove on the hand of a barbarian at the gates.

  6. hernando says:

    GREAT SHOTS! can’t wait to see more.

  7. Sandy Sutherland says:

    Ohhhh BxW!!! Sometimes people speak with distain of BxW, but that’s just because they aren’t familiar with the extraordinary – not strong enough – magNIficent! design characteristics of BxW. Fools! These shots are perfect examples… REALLY gorgeous. ::::kicking and screaming::::: I wanted to take them!! Great work, good eye.

  8. Sandy Sutherland says:

    Who took those pics, anyway?? I tried to find it on the site… ?

  9. petebill says:

    Can a high resolution be purchased? I can’t find a contact link on your site.



    • Hi Pete,

      I’m just about to publish a couple of AVC galleries. My final 35 images ‘Selects’ and a larger rough gallery. At the moment only custom prints are available, see size/pricing for Nevada City and Pescadero Galleries.



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