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After yesterday's exciting TdF stage when the mistral blew and an annoyed Columbia HTC shredded the peloton, it was great to see a Velodramatic image on the front of this morning. Thank you Karly.

This was taken at Nevada City of course. I wish I was in France working the Tour. Armstrong and the team is blasting the TTT right now with 10K to go. Maybe next year.

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  1. Stacy says:

    Congratulations! I looked through the website and you appear to have several images in the photo gallery. I love you work, it is always so crisp. Keep up the good work!

  2. Congrats on the photo.

    • thanks Mike. Just wish I had more access to the Pro Peloton. With the Tour of California starting in May next year I’ve got a while to wait till Lance is back in the picture… assuming he races next year.

  3. Kurt says:

    Nice! Like I said before, you are on your way.

    Lance miss by 2/10ths?
    This promises to be an exciting 1st week after all. I did not expect him to start making his move by stage 3. I figured he would hang back patiently and then strike. The jump with the break yesterday was brilliant. Surprised that Contador missed the jump.

    Just one thing though……

    Where is all the hype? No real Lance Mania in the mainstream media. There was more hype running around the announcement of his return.

    This dude is less than a second from wearing yellow after only the 4rth stage, after a 3 year absence from racing at 37 years old.

    The media should be going nuts!

    Love a dude that sticks his neck out and then goes right ahead and starts executing.

    • Kurt,

      I agree, so far he’s riding like “the boss”, well you’ve got to give big props to Spartacus too.

      As for Contador missing the break, yesterday was a carbon copy of Paris Nice, where Rabobank hammered the field and Alberto missed that one too; riding too far back in the peloton when the charge happened. It definitely made for a much more exciting stage. I want more racing like that.


  4. nick holbrow says:

    Superb picture your photos are cool perhaps we will see you Rouler soon. I would really love to see lance in Yellow i am not a massive fan but i have recently re read all the mag interviews i have and his book its not about….
    Just amazing I am convinced he wants to race and win, but even more he wants to change the way cancer affects the lives of many families.
    GO Lance Go.
    Once again great pics many congrats

  5. Dave Wyman says:

    Lance may or may not be able to exhibit the same prowess of past Tours, but he has shown he has the smarts to help him win the day, and maybe the race.

    Your photo makes Lance seem to explode out of my computer’s monitor.

  6. Great photo. It deserves to be there. Congratulations!

  7. vectorbug says:

    Very cool, your photos are very sharp!

  8. BR says:

    That’s great Michael, I am very happy to see this.

  9. Aaron says:

    It was good to see your photo made it to the front of Lance Armstrong’s website on the day he took 41 seconds from his rivals. Amazing. The Tour always is… Great photo.