Velodramatic Wallpapers for Desktop Daydreaming

With an eye on the most common screen resolutions I'm seeing in the logs, here are three free wallpapers showcasing Velodramatic cycling photography in the Hebrides. More to follow... enjoy.

Out for the Paper, Quirang, Skye      1024 x 768    1280 x 800   1440 x 900    1600 x 1200    1680 x 1050
Enigma Echo, Skye      1024 x 768   1280 x 800    1440 x 900    1600 x 1200    1680 x 1050    1920 x 1200
Losgaintir Beach, Isle of Harris   1024 x 768   1280 x 800   1440 x 900    1600 x 1200    1680 x 1050

9 Responses to Velodramatic Wallpapers for Desktop Daydreaming

  1. Hello again,

    I just wanted to pick your brain a bit about your photography. I have almost asked before, because I like your images so much, but always thought better of it. Well now that you have a post on your photography I might as well ask.

    Do you carry your camera round with you on rides? Or do you go on specific rides where you know you will want your camera? Are you amateur or professional? What sought of photographic equipment do you find yourself using the most while on a ride and shooting?

    Just some basic info was all I was chasing. I got into amateur photography a while back, but gave it up. Of course I still have the camera too many $$$. But now that I am into cycling and seeing wonderful things on a bike I have wondered about taking my camera on rides.

    Wouldn’t mind your thoughts on cycling and photography etc If you don’t mind.


    P.s. I really do like your works. Inspiring.

  2. sam says:

    excellent pics michael, excellent pics.

  3. thanks Sam.


    These particular images were taken during a holiday that was basically one big photo shoot, so we had full 35mm gear in the vehicle at all times (Canon 5Ds, and multiple zooms and primes). The photographic “we” needs to recognize my uncle, Douglas Salteri… who’s stunning landscape images of Scotland can be seen on his site. On the shots that feature a rider (me) I was the art director, he was the photographer.

    The beautiful Enigma Echo was our prop, I’d spot a section of road and backdrop that looked good, and either shoot the bike (like wallpaper #2) or pose with the bike (for Douglas to capture). For moving shots, I’d ride behind the van with Douglas shooting out the back and my wife driving.

    On regular training rides I often have my Canon G9 in my jersey back pocket. This 12MP digital, though not a tiny compact, is light enough to carry. I’ve also experimented with POV (Point of View) photography with the G9, using a magic arm to clamp it to my handlebars. At some point I’ll post a few POV images… it’s tricky to get really good stuff, that’s why Graham Watson is on the back of a motorcycle and not riding a bike ;-)

    I’m not a full-time working photographer, but I freelance enough to call myself a professional, and keep toying with the idea of a career switch from design to photography. It would be great to focus on cycling photography.

    I’d also say it’s difficult to combine riding and photography and get the most out of each. Case in point, the Rapha Occidental Continental ride I participated in a few months back. There was no realistic way to ride and shoot something this physically demanding. I did have 35mm gear in the support van, anticipating I might not be able to hang with the squad, but that didn’t work out logistically when the ride (and support) got split into two peletons. I ended up in the photo van, my camera was in the SAG miles away.

    In the pain cave beautiful landscapes may register subliminally as you struggle to hang on to a wheel. Its in those desperate moments I often think to myself “I wish I was shooting this instead.” Best bet is to organize a ride with friends specifically for photography or if you want glamor shots of your bike, drive to the location and use the bike as a prop.

  4. Cheers for the info.

    For a small time Pro I love your work. I never got into it enough to buy all the equipment. I opted for an camera that is as close as you can get to being a Digital SLR without being one, a Fuji Finepix s9000.

    I think I might try some solo road trips to take some photos. Your stuff is inspiring.

    And a completely unrelated question I hope you don’t mind answering…

    This morning was the first real cold morning where I live and Rapha’s Gilet Baselayer leg and Arm warmers wasn’t quite enough.

    Do you have the same size Gilet as your Classic Softshell? I thought I might need to size down in the Softshell.

    Rapha seem to be quite slack at answering my emails.

    Anyway, thank you again for the info re: photography. Just gotta’ try it and see how it goes I suppose.


  5. Like most things, the more you do it, the better you get. With photography you have to get to the point where the technical details become second nature, so you can recognize the opportunities when they present themselves, and catch the moment and the light.

    My Classic Softshell and Gilet are the same size (XL). I definitely could fit the large in the Softshell though. I’ve had no problems wearing the Gilet outside the jacket (usually for visibility) or vice versa (for added core wind protection).

    I’d hazard that the crew at Rapha are swamped these days, with many new products, the team, roller racing and the US invasion to name a few. I’m sure you’ll hear back from someone shortly.

    I just completed their 08 survey, and noted that sizes don’t seem to line up across all items. The new Stowaway jacket and Gilet are made from the same fabric. The large Stowaway fits me perfectly. The large Gilet is much too tight. Not a problem if you’re near a Rapha dealer and can try them on, more problematic if you’re ordering online.


  6. Tim says:

    Hi Michael,

    Damn – now there’s three to choose from, I can’t decide! Anyone know of a Vista app that rotates wallpapers?

    I really do love these photos, they epitomize why I love cycling. You and Douglas should partner with Rapha for a book?

    Also, I’m heavily researching my summer set of hoops, so your bee keepers’ wire and solder solution isn’t helping when I live on a small island off the UK……

    Best wishes

  7. Tim,

    I’m sure there’s got to be a wallpaper utility that would do this for you. You’re a brave man for venturing into Vista territory. You might enjoy this bit of satire on Microsoft’s latest OS.

    I’d love to do a book like this and really enjoy my visits with Douglas in Scotland. Look for a couple more wallpapers this week.

    As I said in the post, I’m not done with my wheel research either. Let me know what you decide to go with.


  8. Tim says:

    Having only ‘upgraded’ over the last 2 days (yes – 2 whole days!), I’m starting to regret this Vista thing already, and your link isn’t helping…

    Just when I think I’ve managed to collect every Viao driver from the far never reaches of the planet, something else will ‘fail’. Hang on a minute – shouldn’t we be discussing bicycles?

    As I’m not exactly a time-triallist, I’m not really after carbon disks or deep sections, and I’m definitely a clincher cyclist. I’m currently swaying between either the Mavic R-Sys (but a little concerned about the longevity/replaceability of the spokes), or the new Dura-Ace 1380′s (yep, I’m a Shimano guy).

    But then again, I might change the Colnago for the new Cervelo RS (is it me or are the seat stays very aesthetically pleasing?) and add some Zipps ;-)

  9. Hang in on the Vista front, all kidding aside you’ll eventually have it all ironed out and be smiling on the other side.

    I don’t want to annoy Mr. Palmer (washingmachinepost) who’d certainly speak up for the Colnago, but the RS is a beautiful bike. Two thumbs up on the Dura-Ace 1380 wheels.

    You’ve probably seen this thread. Bike forums occasionally enlighten, sometimes frustrate and generally amuse. I’m in complete agreement with Orv’s postings on page 3.