New Bar Tape for Paris

Freshly taped 200mm

Ventoux may not have shuffled the deck the way we all thought it might, but what a stage. From the crosswind split in the peloton before the climb started to the repeated Schleck attacks and an unshakable Armstrong, it confirmed the right feet will be standing on the podium in Paris.

LA and others will have new bikes for the Champs-Élysées, and no doubt plenty of perfect new white bar tape. To celebrate the final day I wanted to show off my own bar tape signature. To my knowledge this is a first. Perfect Fi'zi:k tape on the lens hood of my 200mm. You can buy neoprene sleeves for big glass in white, black and camo patterns, but this is so much better, PRO even.

The idea came to me in Boulder, much to the delight of the back shop at University Bicycles, where I did the first wrap. Does anyone think I can get Fi'zi:k to sponsor me? New tape for every big race.

11 Responses to New Bar Tape for Paris

  1. Pedale.Forchetta says:

    It looks to me a great idea!

  2. Henry says:

    Why did I never think of that. Great idea!

  3. David says:

    Fi’zi;k may well be interested,they must be wondering why they sell so much tape.

    I’ve been using self adhesive bar tape for some time now on all those devices which the makers seem to think it is a good idea to make as slippery as possible. Cell phones which may just as well be made out of a bar of soap etc!

    Your 200mm lens looks pretty cool… makes me yearn to get back into cycling photography but all that extra weight on the bike, how do you manage it?

    • Thanks Dave,

      I may find one or two more uses for the tape on my camera gear yet. To be clear I rarely ride with a DSLR and would never attempt it with the 200; that’s about 10lbs of kit. All the recent Rapha stuff and race coverage are shot when I’m “covering” the event and not riding. I wish it was practical to do POV photography during a big ride with my real gear.

  4. -p- says:

    Did you mean Champs Élysées, or am I missing a French translation there?

  5. Thanks p, a little sloppy on my end.

  6. Christopher says:

    And to think that a week ago I throw away a full roll of Fi’zi:k microtex bar tape because I didn’t have any use for it.

  7. Tim says:

    Super sharp! You’ll have to pair it with those white Rapha grand tour gloves!

  8. Gavin says:

    Now that looks like something I need for my larger lenses!