Hook, Line and Clincher’d by Competitive Cyclist

Bombproof = Record Hubs, DT Swiss RR 1.1 Rims, Tied and Soldered DT Comp Spokes

I'm starting to think my Cervelo, purchased last year from Competitive Cyclist (CC), may be bugged. I'm not formally accusing Brendan and the CC crew of electronic eavesdropping yet, but there's something unnerving about the way they keep anticipating my next equipment move.

Case in point, with the new Enigma build just around the corner I've been struggling to make a wheel choice for the new bike. Not that there's any shortage of options mind you, but I'm not making it easier on myself by factoring in multiple cassettes and interchangeability between bikes that would make a NASA payload specialist proud.

So while I'm weighing the pros and costs of Reynolds MV32Cs, Attacks, Campagnolo Eurus, Neutron Ultras and Topolinos, along come the boys from Little Rock with just the right lure to get me in the boat. (which explains the fishing symbolism).

They know I'm still high from the cobbled jag of the Spring Classics, so there's no way I can resist a set of wheels built to survive the apocalypse or beyond that, an epic ride with the Rapha Continental team.

Enter Competitive Cyclist's handbuilt, bombproof PavĂ© wheelsets – Dura-Ace 7850 or Campagnolo Record hubs mated to DT Swiss RR 1.1 rims with 32 black DT Competition spokes (front and rear). The spokes are then tied and soldered with bee-keeper wire and lead-free solder. Why?

To quote CC "By tying & soldering them, it effectively increases the flange diameter of the hubs, increasing torsional stiffness. The interlaced crosses are locked together when you tie & solder them, which braces the spokes, making them laterally stiffer and more durable."

Jobst Brandt wouldn't agree, but so what. I think the tying adds a nice retro touch, and definitely would keep a broken spoke in place till you could repair it, so I bought in. The new (old school) wheels should arrive tomorrow. I can't wait to find some bad pavement to try them out.

But don't think for a moment those are THE wheels for the new Enigma, I'm still mulling that one over (the Campagnolo Eurus are the bookies choice)

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