Is That One of Those Incumbent Bikes?

It took a few seconds for Juli's question to register as we drove home tonight. And then I started laughing. "Incumbent... I countered? You mean the person's existing bike? Or did you just see the mayor pedal by? You mean recumbent bike!"

"Yes, yes, I meant recumbent" as she started to laugh too.

I suppose if you were crazy enough to ride a recumbent but were considering a switch to a normal bicycle, your recumbent would be your incumbent bike. Weird.

And that reminds me of another famous malapropism uttered by my little brother years ago when he referred to his boss as "the head poncho". I replied... "You're working for the President of Mexico?"

3 Responses to Is That One of Those Incumbent Bikes?

  1. David says:

    Nice one, made me laugh.

    One for all blog writers:

    “Good punctuation means not being late”

  2. BR says:

    I only regret missing the two of you belly laughing and Juli’s great sense of humour.

  3. kurt says:

    Thanks for the Friday afternoon gafaaw.