Rapha Condor on the Road with New Partners

stylish Rapha Condor team kit

Rapha Condor continue to keep it graphically simple and attractive as they add Sharp Electronics (Sharp4Prostate Campaign), Paul Smith Jeans and Malmaison Hotel Group to their sponsors for the remainder of 2009. The new kit will debut at the Tour of Ireland. Cool.

Note to Radioshack: this is how you do it.

27 Responses to Rapha Condor on the Road with New Partners

  1. Stephen says:

    Interesting! I was just reading in Bicycling Magazine how Paul Smith wanted to race bicycles as a kid until he got in a wreck. That’s when he turned to fashion.

  2. scott says:

    note to Sharp: I hope you didn’t pay much for that logo placement because it is not very noticeable.

    While I like the Rapha Condor kit more than most team kits out there, it does not do a good job of showing the sponsors’ names. I know the point is to keep it stylish and subtle, I just wonder if the sponsors are going to get their money’s worth.

  3. Steve says:

    Yeah it is a great looking kit. But it will all come and go around in circles, in ten years time we’ll all be in retro 80′s cycling kit (Dayglow Mondrian).

  4. SteveM says:

    Really hope TRS follows the Rapha/MJ of clean, simple and pleasing kits. Should pass note on to Columbia-HTC as well – love the team but the kit – bit of a retina trasher.

  5. Rapha has the coolest design.
    I wish they would quit the ShimaNO logo’s on the team-kit though
    - as a sworn CampyOnly I would be laughed out by my club mates if I showed up in any of the stuff showing that logo type :/
    So I ride in the new 09 team bibs, the classic jersey and the italian kit only – but these are also fine for me :)

    Great pictures and comments on this blog !!

  6. BR says:

    Liquigas gets my thumbs down but I like the Cervelo Test in white. My favorite all time kit is when a rider sports the World’s kit. I like the HTC kit – on HTC! Saw a dude the other day and he did not look flattering in the HTC gear. My weirdest looking kit is the Google ensemble which was obtained only because of the huge discount that my buddy gets in Google the employee store. Fit and function are great but the graphics are a bit hard to look at. I am no fan of black jerseys for safety and temperature reasons but the Rapha stuff looks and performs better than anything I have had to date.

    • BR

      Since you may be the only person outside of Bob Stapleton’s immediate family who likes the HTC kit… I’m sure they’re going to send you one. Please specify your size. That kit is going to look spectacular with those chrome shoes. I can ride with you in complete safety because we’ll be visible to the naked eye from as far away as Jupiter.

  7. malk says:

    I disagree that Sharp are not getting their moneys worth; in advertising, oftentimes less is more…I’m inclined to be swayed by subtlety rather that brashness. I think the kits of pro team peloton certainly do a good job of camouflaging sponsors names with eye hurting colour schemes.
    Your’e kidding yourself if you think that Radioshack are going to be dressed anything like this…prepare to don the usual lurid colourschemes if you want to emulate your heroes next year.

    • Mal,
      I’m still holding out hope they take a page from Cervelo. A White kit with strategically placed “R” on the chest, nike swooshes on shoulders, RadioShack wordmark on back of shorts, Livestrong black-gripper bands on the bottom of the bibs and arms. Giro and Trek have their own accessories so no branding from them on the kit. I am scared they might go solid red, plus black and yellow. A Cofidis/Livestrong mashup.

  8. Marc says:

    I should also add that the book of cycling kit prohibits ANYONE except the world champion, to wear said kit. Love the new rapha tema kit and I thought exactly the same as BR: ”mmm, Lance should go that route”.

    I still get major comments on my paul smith Rapha London ├ętape shirt, hope I never crash in it…

  9. BR says:

    I rode the Soulcraft at a Cisco trade show as a power generator for a 4500 phone switch with several other guys. The minimum power requirement to run the switch from the bike was 350W. I could carry that for about 2 minutes. One of the guys there was a 6’4″ track rider with Olympic credentials going back 10 years or so, Eastern block, that’s all he told me. He pulled a 350W train for 12 minutes. It was fun, hard (no fan, no good air,etc), an adventure and yes I had the chrome shoes on. I was on a fixed indoor trainer rolling at ?? 250-275w for several minutes at a time throughout the day. I could pull 350 for 2 minutes max and decided not to complicate my life with more effort. Several people asked about the shoes in a curious way…not a complimentary way. My only response was to peddle and grin. I have a history of weird shoes. I have video of me on the bike but I don’t nuttin about no fancy bloggin’n such.

  10. willy in pacifica says:

    You would think Sharp 4 Prostate would have their logo across the back of the shorts.

      • BR says:

        Sharp and Prostate should not be in the same space. All jokes aside I attend an annual car show that provides prostrate screening. I know 2 guys that learned of high PSA’s at the car show and ultimately caught Prostate early and survive today as a result. We all should get screened which is a simple blood test which indicates PSA counts. Kudos to Rapha.

        • willy in pacifica says:

          Blood Test? I didn’t get a choice of a blood test.

          A couple of years ago I finally went in to get a routine physical so I had a base to compare to in the future. Luckily I had on clean underware as my Dr. (a woman) gave me the finger. It was really the only time I had ever needed to go to see her but know her since she is the girls Dr as well.

          The next time I went to see her I thought I had a hernia but it only ended up being a blister on my ass from all the riding I had recently been doing.

          I promised her the next time I came in it would be for something above the waist.

          • BR says:

            The PSA blood test is an indicator and a digital exam is ultimately the best screening. The riding blister made me snicker….sorry :-)

  11. kurt says:

    Anybody remember the glove review blog when Art asked if any of us actually ride?

    Yeah, Willie rides so much he has blisters on his ….

    Man you make me laugh!

  12. willy in pacifica says:

    Maybe with Sharp 4 Prostate as a sponsor we will finally get some Rapha waterproof gloves. Just be sure they are long-fingered.

  13. kurt says:

    The new track banner photo is cool!

  14. chr15 says:

    The team jersey is the epitome of style in the peloton, original and understated! But still the British Champ version is absolutly beautiful… right down to the ‘jack on the shoulders…

    Both jerseies exactly what I have been hoping (and prompting) Rapha to do… Now for them to find their way to retail too! And maybe a sportwool version???


  15. vectorbug says:

    I keep thinking “condor” actually says “contatdor”

  16. The Kit is sharp..excuse the Pun; Radio Shack / 7-11 hmm seems a bit like a Conspiracy theory plot.. well at least they arent owned by the Chinese.. my local 7-11 is run by a nice family from Korea.

  17. Marc says:

    This baby on sale NOW in white. I gots myself another collection item…