Campagnolo Multi Season Base Layer is Superb

Campagnolo Multi Season System Short SleeveI'm prepared to go into uncharted hyperbole with this kit review. I've only worn it twice, but Campagnolo's short sleeve base layer is the best fitting, finished and styled piece of base layer I've ever worn. I think highly of pieces from Craft, Briko and Descente in my starting lineup, but this product is in a class of its own. It's actually a shame that something this nice is going to be covered by a cycling jersey, it looks that good.

Made from a blend of 60% Prolen, a trademarked Polypropelene fiber that's ultrasoft, anti-bacterial and 100% recyclable, 35% Polyamide and 5% Elastane, the flawless construction alternates between solid areas across the chest and upper back and an open, mesh-like weave on the shoulders, sides and lower trunk. The quality finishing of the short-sleeve cuffs and collar is impeccable. A classy jacquard Campagnolo logo completes the design.

It even smells good out the box, and that's rare. I usually have to launder base layers before I wear them the first time.

The Multi Season base layer is available in three sizes XS/S, M/L and XL/XXL from ChicagoLand Bikes. Note: I doubt the Euro sizing will accommodate anyone over 6 feet and 200lbs.This is a can't miss for my 2008 Kit Top 10.


5 Responses to Campagnolo Multi Season Base Layer is Superb

  1. sam says:

    is it considered faux pas to wear campagnolo apparel if my moots has a full dura ace groupset on it? i’ve always admired the campy apparel, but never really gave it a second look…

  2. Nah… this is a new world Sam, “free yourself from mental slavery” as Mr. Marley said (Bob not Jacob)

    Seriously, they have a couple of base jersey options that are not prominently emblazoned with the logo. I can understand it’s still a bit of a thematic disconnect, but wow, the stuff feels so nice.

  3. Kevin Barrett says:

    Hi love your blog site, (I’m a designer too ha) and wondering if the base layer here would be the C281 or another in the range? Always looking for a decent base layer you see. Thanks for the review.



  4. Hi Kevin,

    It is the C281. ChicagoLand Bicycles has them. I’m hoping they carry the long sleeve variation C290 come the fall.

  5. Kevin Barrett says:

    Thank you for the info. Also been following your musings and piccies of your Eulogy on the Enigma web site btw, nice to see UK branded bikes being appreciated by you guys over there.