Rapha Continental Select Gallery

Daniel Smiles Heading for the dirt on Phantom Canyon The posse set to hit the trails outside Flagstaff gallery

Well you've seen many of these images in the individual ride posts following my week with the Continental Project, but here's the final distilled select gallery. I think there are two or three portfolio quality images in there (Africa the guy and his dog going away from the camera and the bullet descent towards me with heat turbulence are two of my favorites) which I'm going to offer as limited edition prints. There's another nice introspective portrait of Andy Hampsten and plenty of images of Cole, who without trying is always doing something cool or interesting.

Still want a bit more, there's the penultimate large gallery 2X the images that I culled through to make the final selection. Check it out here.

Finally a big thanks to all the riders, the hosts (Dave, Pat, John, Rob) Dave Christenson my tag team partner and most importantly Daniel for having me along and letting me share his truly "epic" summer on the road. It really was hard to go home.

9 Responses to Rapha Continental Select Gallery

  1. Richard says:

    You’ve done it again. Magic stuff mate – magic.

  2. Jon Moss says:

    My first post, so will start with a big congrats on the photos – just superb :-)

  3. Dan says:

    As mentioned above, magic once again!

    I recognise the mural from Absolute bikes in Flagstaff, one of the many bike shops visited in my multi-state tour last year.

    Big thanks as always,


  4. Dave Wyman says:

    You have put together a terrific collection of images from a variety of locations.

    People often seem not to like photographs of themselves, myself included. However, you’ve made a photograph of me from the Arizona ride, in the 2X gallery, that I like:


    It is an honest depiction of who I am. I love the reflection, too, of the Rapha rider – Dominic Primé – and the Rapha van in my sunglasses. It’s two photographs for the price of one.

    Although I made a number of my own photographs during the Arizona ride, mostly from my bike, none of them approach the creative excellence of any of yours. In addition to showcasing your sense of the aesthetic, your Rapha Continental photographs also demonstrate your sure grasp of the technical side of photography.

    • Glad you like the photo Dave. I still don’t know what happened to the spider rock photos I took of you, but I’m glad that Sherise had several in the set she took. If I hadn’t seen you standing there with my own two eyes I’d have suspected the image was photoshop’d.


  5. Cody says:

    Were you along for the day in Angel Fire?? If so would you happen to have a cue sheet, map and/or host contact??

    • Cody,

      It was a great day. The cue sheet and maps will be posted shortly on the Continental site I expect, but if you’re heading in that direction and can’t wait, I’m sure Pat Burgess the ride host can give you the basic details. I’ll send Pat an email and cc you on it.