Rocking Houndstooth Socks from Panache

Racy Houndstooth Socks from Panache

I'll preface this short post by saying I'm a solid guy. By solid I mean I've decided over many years that I prefer and think I look better in solid colors. Patterns are usually not my thing, but I'll make an exception for Houndstooth when it comes from my pal Don Powell at Panache Cyclewear.

A year ago I posted about the smart Panache GS Training Jersey; my first bite of Houndstooth kit. A few weeks back I met up with Don at Boulder's hip Black Cat Bistro and we had a great dinner with Colorado Spring's Continental ride host John Phillips and his lovely girlfriend. In addition to arriving via a rather cool looking cruiser, Don was sporting these sharp Houndstooth socks.

They've become my Socks de Jour (with nightly washing of course). I've even got a couple of good-natured "nice socks" call outs from motorists. Maybe the pattern is confusing their normal hostility. Get online order a pair; they're only $12.

Houndstooth shoes from Ben Sherman

Update: So when you've peeled off the soggy kit, cleaned up and pulled on some pants, you don't have to let the Houndstooth go. I found these Ben Sherman "Chill"s and added them to the sneaker collection. A bit of semi-formal fun... now top that Don.

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  1. kurt says:


  2. Caroline says:

    Those friggin’ rad socks make you more of a solid guy, in my mind.

  3. Malk says:

    You are kidding…yes?

  4. kurt says:

    Waiting for BR to weigh in…..

  5. kurt says:

    The shoes I like, alot.

  6. BR says:

    Yo. I think they are cool but not for me.

    The socks are not my style BUT they are just right for M and the usual caliber of his kits. This would be easier to understand if you rode with M and got the whole enchilada and that is a compliment. It’s another piece of the puzzle. Keep in mind that I have chrome shoes and a mid 90′s Loius Garneau neon green jacket-with-sleeves-cutoff-vest topped off with $6 sunglasses and 80% discounted gloves. A fashion critic I am not.

    So it goes like this…..random Saturday ride and M pulls up in $913.27 worth of kit and I look like Minnie Pearl or a model for a factory seconds outlet. My wife sees M, compliments the kit and says “why can’t you look nice like that?” To which I reply “I can if you let borrow your Visa card?” Conversation ends and we ride away.

    Don! Make me a 3X hounds tooth Panache training Jersey please! :-) The XL fit me like date night lingerie (my wife’s) which didn’t appeal to the Mrs. and I can’t blame her.

    • OK a few observations.

      On one hand I’ve got several guys wondering if I’m taking a fashion risk and on the other hand the lovely and talented Caroline of Little Package Cycling caps saying the socks are rad. Guess I’m sticking with the fairer sex on this one ;-)

      and then Brendan has me laughing as usual with his summation. I must admit I was mildly offended by the $913.27 total and then I did the math head to toe and came up with $1192. Do I have to count my RoadID and sportswatch (it’s a cheap timex).
      Giro Ionos $175
      Rapha Cap $45
      Oakley Radars $190
      Campy Base Layer $80
      Rapha Lightweight Jersey $150
      Rapha Stowaway Jacket $290
      Rapha Bibs $200
      Panache Houndstooth Socks $12
      Lake Shoes $150

    • kurt says:

      Now we are having fun.

      Thx for the laugh

  7. randomactsofcycling says:

    Love it! Put some cleats on those Ben Shermans my man!

  8. Stefan says:

    why most americans wear these LONG socks? brrrr like armstrong with his long black socks…

  9. BR says:

    Giro Ionos $175 or BELL ?? about $45 in 2001
    Rapha Cap $45 – old school $10 from Sloughe’s
    Oakley Radars $190 – Home Depot, gardener’s aisle, $11.99/2pk
    Campy Base Layer $80 – or old jersey with sleeves cut off, maybe paid $20?
    Rapha Lightweight Jersey $150 – Panache, paid full price – worth every penny
    Rapha Stowaway Jacket $290 – It’s a Rapha but it was on clearance clarence
    Rapha Bibs $200 – Hincapie’s, 3X, $109
    Panache Houndstooth Socks $12 – Not sure but I have never paid more than $7-8 for socks and you can always spot the one’s I got for free (Leprachaun, Free Tibet, etc)
    Lake Shoes $150 – Chrome Northwave’s, $100
    Gloves? Hincapie Clearance, $4/pr

    That’s about $512

  10. Mark Rushton says:

    I’ve got the chrome N-wave shoes but those socks!!!! they are just wrong. Even the Garmin argyle would be better. If this is encouraged,Brian at TWMP will demand tartan socks in either Islay or Argylle colours.

    My washing line some weeks ago had upwards of $1000 dollars worth of Rapha and Assos hanging on it (2 of us cycle). That wasn’t a quarter of available kit and excluded the various shoes (Rocket 7s,Sidis) helmets (Ionos x 2, Spesh 2D) sunglasses etc. Whatever happened to just riding a bike?

    • Mark,

      I’m enjoying the love-hate banter over a wee pair of socks. Mr. Palmer doesn’t care for them either. I’m off to work now, wearing my controversial houndstooth favorites ;-)

      Make sure that washing line is behind your house. In a moment of weakness a passing cyclist might be tempted…

  11. Brandon says:

    I love the socks. I immediately went to the Panache website and contemplated buying them. Now, if they were wool, I’d have $24 less to my name + shipping.

    And as for the kit cost, once you add in helmet, glasses, shoes, etc it’s all going to sound pretty expensive. I’m at $450+ without any material on. Does it make us faster? Definitely.

  12. doniu says:

    Was gonna spring for some new Nikes, but those Ben Sherman’s are just way too awesome. Gonna head down to the local on Monday see if they have those in my size!

    Now I must resist the temptation of matching socks…

  13. Robbie says:

    THE shoes are the best. Would it be too much to sport the socks with the shoes???

  14. Malk says:

    Been having a look at the new stuff on the Rapha….some pretty interesting gear there, obviously the Rain Jacket is the most exciting prospect…need to see it on you!
    What about those gentlemans caps though… is Rapha now gunning for the Clay Pigeon Shooters/Fly fishermen/Jockeys market?
    Some of the other stuff is getting a bit too pastel for my liking.

  15. doniu says:

    Personally I think that the new colors are pretty cool. My vote goes to the trousers and the lambs wool winter cap, most definitely in red/white, although I cannot justify dropping money on either at the moment, especially as the warmer weather is making it’s presence known around my parts.

  16. Mark Rushton says:

    That Gumetal Grey looks nice and the gloves look a definite purchase. I avoid the rain so I’ll pass on that jkt. but the Mark 1 Rapha rainjacket came out the other day when I got caught. On a cold wet day, it really works – have i just talked myself into the new one!

  17. D Powell says:

    back to the socks: we (Panache) designed the socks on paper and thought that the design was way too much, but our production team thought otherwise and made a few pair. We still thought they were a bit on the loud side, but wore them anyway. We noticed right away that they had eye appeal. Whether on the bike or off (and especially off), people stared at our feet. And then, we started getting people inquiring about where to get them… so, we made more.

    • Don,

      My female friends seem particularly fond of them. I’m wondering how dangerous it has become to wear them in Boulder. All those super fit, attractive ladies capable of running or riding you down. Oh, the sacrifices you have to make for houndstooth ;-)

      Your wife doesn’t read this does she?


      • D Powell says:

        Yes, I have noticed that women, in particular, are drawn to the houndstooth. I have a pair of non-production white and black houndstooth arm warmers. When I wear the warmers and socks together, the glances increase exponentially. But, I’m not sure this is a good thing. Perhaps there’s an additional safety effect as well – kind of like a zebra’s colors distracting a charging lion. The socks and warmers protect me from speeding cars…