Pilgrimage to Portland – Oregon Manifest 2008

You know that ache you feel when you've earned your sleep, that's how I felt last night and still feel this morning (which doesn't bode well for work productivity today). I'll have lots to say and plenty of imagery up this week on the Velodramatic weekend in Portland. The Oregon Manifest show, Rapha's full-contact RollerCross madness Saturday night and yesterday's Cross Crusade were a caffeinated blend of stumptown's extraordinary bike culture and exploding cross scene. It is a pilgrimage that must be taken.

Slate, Daniel, Carey, Tristan, Simon, Rupert, Graeme, Greg, Kyle, Chris, Rob, Ira and all the builders and riders I met in three eye-opening days... thanks. More to come.

7 Responses to Pilgrimage to Portland – Oregon Manifest 2008

  1. BR says:

    Looking forward to the CX pics. CX predates modern cycling by 100 yrs and makes road racing look like a joy ride. I tried it once and that was all I needed to understand the skills and power that CX requires. Great to watch – hard to do.

  2. BR says:

    Edit…My comment is confusing and not accurate. What I meant to say is that CX came along in the earliest dys of the sport and was the off season training choice for many of the most victorious riders.

  3. Brendan,

    As the day wore on and the racing class increased, the handling skills went from great to incredible to plain scary. If there’s any justice and a fraction of Portland’s culture can be exported, Cross is going to be huge, everywhere.

  4. Glad to have met you Michael. Looking forward to the pictures to come. It was a stellar weekend of drooling all over the amazing bikes, beer induced drooling at the W K shindig and then drooling all over myself at the race on Sunday.

  5. dave says:

    Can’t wait to see the photos of Oregon Manifest! I was stuck in my booth both days so I missed out on a lot of the good stuff there.

  6. Sean, Dave,

    Glad you stopped by. Images from Cross Crusade are up. The show and Rapha Roller Cross to follow in the next day or two.

    Thanks for putting on a great show and showing some very cool bikes.


  7. Sean, Dave,

    I posted a summary of the show last night. Apologies for the brevity of my notes on everyone’s offerings. So much to write about and not enough time. But then you both know about doing two jobs at one time.