700 Miles to Vegas

I expect Velodramatic will be quiet for the next ten days. At 5 am tomorrow I'm off to shoot a group from Specialized riding the 700 miles (and 40,000 feet) to interbike. The peloton of employees (including Mike Sinyard), dealers and media will ride through the iconic landscapes of Yosemite and Death Valley en route. It doesn't get better than that.

I'm shooting stills of course, but just to make things interesting I'm taking a stab at video for the first time. And no half measures. Thanks to a collaboration with Zacuto, I'm doing it in style with one of their modular DSLR shooting rigs.

It's been a very long day but I've finally got a fully packed SBCU (Specialized Bicycle Components University) van sitting in my garage ready to roll before first light.

If I can post anything along the way I will, but expect a mountain of material when I'm back. Brian at the post should keep you all informed and entertained in my absence. See you on the other side of the hill.

8 Responses to 700 Miles to Vegas

  1. Jon Moss says:


    Sounds like an awesome trip, and look forward to the photos and video. I’m guessing a 5D MkII will be doing the DSLR video honours?

    Enjoy and drive / ride safe!

    Jon :-)

  2. Thanks Jon.

    You guessed right on the camera. This is going to be fun… long days in the saddle for the riders, camping out, chuck wagon-style breakfasts and dinners… and plenty of stars if anyone’s eyes stay open that long.


  3. BR says:

    Good Lord.

  4. willy in pacifica says:


    How can I get in one some nice short rides like this?

    have a great time and look forward to some great pictures of the desert. Will get me fired up for the following weekend when I will be out that way.

  5. Christopher says:

    Don’t forget to shoot the cyclo-cross race! I am quite jealous of you being able to go to Interbike while the rest of us must slave away at our jobs. Good luck and have fun.

  6. Jon Moss says:

    The more I see the results from the 5D MkII, the more I am impressed. That and the Red cameras are shaking up the market.

    For anyone who hasn’t witnessed what a 5DMkII can do, then just look for Vincent Laforet’s Reverie project.

  7. BR says:

    Spoke to M today….he’s busy and happy. Roadtripusmaximus.