The Enigma Eulogy Build in Pictures

Mykle Kong, Trek San Jose Tech Manager checks a wheel for trueness

Build day, Friday May 23rd. I rolled into San Jose Trek at 9 am, two hours before the shop officially opened and met Tech Manager, Mykle Kong, motorcycle helmet in hand, at the door. Mechanic Joe Duffey and Owner Bill Ruffner were already in the service center getting a jump on the day's lineup of repairs, tuneups and favors. Our arrival and a fresh box of Noah's bagels brought them down to the front shop for the carbs, and a coffee run.

Two builds were planned. Mykle and my Enigma Eulogy dressed in Campagnolo's finest were first up, Bill would follow with a Madone 6.9 with Dura-Ace. I was there to Record (no pun intended) the proceedings in words and pictures. Along the way I hoped to gain a broader perspective on the mechanical merits of cycling's two great religions from the business end of the wrench.

Neither Bill or Mykle had seen an Enigma Eulogy until I introduced the brand's website to them a few weeks earlier. While they both liked the looks of the bike, professionally they weren't about to put much stock in pretty photography. They seemed more impressed with the frame when it emerged from its shroud of bubble wrap, like a fighter shedding his robe for the ring introductions. Clearly Enigma had done the roadwork, made the weight (1500g with integrated seatpost) and deserved to be in the ring.

We spent an hour taking pictures, primed the bagels and Mykle readied his work stand and bench for the "Pro Build" – it's listed that way on the store's service menu – not an everyday event. Mykle Kong's soft spoken manner can't disguise his deep passion for high-end frames and componentry. I hoped the Eulogy would satisfy both.

Over the next five hours Mykle's meticulous efficiency brought the Eulogy to life with almost surgical precision. It's confidence inspiring to watch a real craftsman at work; particularly if you're about to trust your life and limbs to the thing they're working on. He made it look effortless.

You can see that for yourself if you follow the 85-image build sequence in the gallery. In the course of the next week I'll have much more to report, including Bill's Madone build which is part of a larger opinion piece.

3 Responses to The Enigma Eulogy Build in Pictures

  1. Scott H. says:

    Great series of photos. Really enjoyed them as another way to approach a new build. Awaiting your first ride report eagerly…


  2. Thanks Scott. I should have some glamor shots and a ride report posted tonight. It’s hard to communicate just how impressed I am with Mykle Kong’s build. Though he’s worked on my Cervelo SLC-SL, I’m actually thinking of having him tear it down later this year and build it up again. I’m convinced it will make a huge difference.

  3. sam says:

    excellent post. those photos should be shown to all bike shops.