An Elegant Eulogy Revealed

The Eulogy

Here are the first studio shots of the completed bike. Seventy five miles and 7,000 vertical feet of road traveled are enough to declare her beauty is more than skin deep. Wearing the 1850g tied and soldered wheels from Competitive Cyclist she weighs a svelte 17lbs, cages and pedals included. Mykle Kong's exceptional build has her handling and shifting with sublime precision.

On Memorial day Brendan and I climbed Mt. Hamilton. On the way up the Eulogy felt light and responsive. I didn't need the last two gears of the 13-29 cassette for the steady 6-8% gradient, but they'll come in handy on steeper climbs. A second, all carbon wheelset with 11-25 gearing is in the works. Those wheels will bring the Eulogy down to 16lbs... more details when they arrive. Coming down was where the Eulogy truly excelled.

I've never descended as confidently as I did on the Eulogy. The Hamilton descent is a seemingly endless series of tight hairpins (many blind and dusted with loose rock at their apexes). The asphalt is buckled and broken throughout so it commands your full attention. I found it easy to take a line and hold it. Even under hard braking the Eulogy stayed true and well mannered. Enigma's Mark Reilly has somehow found a way to infuse the Sean Yates inspired Eulogy with some of his legendary downhill prowess.

I think the Eulogy will help me become a better rider. You can't ask for more than that from a bicycle.

5 Responses to An Elegant Eulogy Revealed

  1. Scott H. says:

    Hey! It is as good looking as I suspected…

    Few questions if you don’t mind answering them?

    Just to double check, the seatpost is still a traditional seatpost, it is just that the Ti tubing continues up to a higher point. So less actual carbon seatpost is visible? You could in theory raise the seat height?

    How were the wheels? comfortable or very rigid and a bit rough? With all the talk of stiffness regarding tied, soldered, 3-cross wheels I thought they might be a bit uncomfortable?

    Overall looks like a great decision.


  2. Hi Scott,

    Glad you like the result. It is a traditional carbon seatpost but it’s cut short (about 3-4″ long) and buried completely in the titanium seat tube. You’re right I could safely raise the seat a centimeter or two if necessary, but it was designed and sized to be completely hidden.

    The tied and soldered wheels from Competitive Cyclist are actually very comfortable on the Enigma. How much of that is the wheels themselves or the frame/wheel combination is not clear. They are stiff when accelerating and very solid over rough pavement, but any worries I had about the combination being severe evaporated in the first few miles. I’ll definitely do some tests swapping wheelsets between frames for a future report.

    The Record hubs, befitting their pedigree, are silky smooth and quiet. Overall, I think they represent a very good value for $650. I expect they’ll last a long time and get plenty of abuse.

  3. Scott H. says:


    I am regretting not getting a 3-cross, 32 hole traditional wheel-set and it is now good to confirm the worth and quality from a 1st hand perspective.

    I love the clean look the extended seatpost grants and will definitely look into it when it comes time to work out my new build.

    Cheers again,


  4. Mark says:

    Great site! I’m curious if your using a medium cage rear derailleur? If so do you have any problems using the 13X29 and 11X25? Thank you.

  5. Mark,

    No problems with the medium cage and the 13×29 of course, but I’ve yet to try my carbon wheels running 11-25 with the derailleur. There are some other adjustments, including a little re-dishing of the wheels I’ve got to get to first. Will have something to report this fall I hope.