Wheeltags – Roll with Customized Rims

Wheeltags Knuckleduster

I think we'll be seeing lots of these custom rim graphics on the road soon. The company, called Wheeltags, is a collaboration between three friends: Kevin Koval - Sales; Matt Tanner - Design and Jenn Vona - Queen Bee. The designs are produced on adhesive backed vinyl panels making installation (there's a video) a clean and simple process.

Devotees of Dave Z and the Slipstream boys will love the Argyle tag. Series 1 designs are available now with a Series 2 release targeted for Interbike 2008. An edge-to-edge (full rim coverage) installation of 38mm tags will cost $152 (with 10% discount for 4+ cans). A similar application of shallower 16mm tags would total $137. Considering how much we spend on custom wheels, the collateral damage is acceptable.

I'm already dreaming up some ideas for a custom Velodramatic rim tag.

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