2010 New Look, New Book

Funny how projects expand to fit the time available. And so it's no surprise that my first photography annual would be completed and ready for purchase on the last day of the year. The book is available in two hardcover formats and the samples look very good. I don't expect these will sell like hotcakes because both options are quite expensive. This is the pricing reality of on-demand book publishing. I thought about taking orders to achieve some kind of volume pricing, but for the moment it's a logistical nightmare. Perhaps by this time next year, the process will be more streamlined. US orders should be relatively straightforward but for the time being international orders will require a follow on shipping surcharge depending on location.

To order select the format (standard 11.25" x 8.75" or deluxe 15" x 11.5") from the sidebar dropdown and click the "Buy Now Paypal button". Paypal will handle the rest of the order process. California and NY state residents will be charged sales tax unfortunately.Your book should arrive within 2-3 weeks.

As is traditional this time of year the site underwent a little remodeling. There's more to come in the next few weeks as I integrate an improved print sales module... It's about time this site started earning its keep. That's all for now, time for bed, so I can get up at the crack of dawn for the annual Mt. Hamilton New Year's ride.


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  1. The website redesign looks fantastic! As always, love your photography!

  2. Jon Moss says:

    Happy New Year Michael!

    Love the new design – works very well indeed, and congrats on the book. I think an order, well, may be in order!

    Best wishes from a cold, but clear NE England,


    • Thanks Jon,

      Weather here for the New Year’s ride is a little sketchy. Brendan, Tim and Willy are joining me for the pilgrimage to Mt. Hamilton. With luck we’ll get to the top before it rains, but I doubt we’ll get back without giving the Rapha Rain Jacket a bit of a test. Happy New Year to you and the family.


  3. Congrats on he new design! Love the preview images of the book. Would have snapped one up if it was under $50-$75 or so but will definately have it on my “splurge” list for 2010 so when the time is right you can expect an order from me.

    Here’s hoping the weather holds up today. Planning to ride Pleasanton -> Tracy over Patterson Pass. Need to work off too much champagne from last night!

    Happy 2010 and I’m sure we’ll cross paths sometime this year in the area,
    - Kurt

  4. Richard says:

    FYI, the new design looks great but I’m not sure it works as you planned on safari on the mac. When the page loads, the first thing I have to do is scroll everything to the right to center the main content area – because the overall design is wider than 1024 pixels. The actual content area is 1024 and fits within the browser window without scrolling, but the background is sticking out about 200 pixels on each side so one has to initially scroll to the right to see all the content area.

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks for taking the time to give me some feedback. I actually expected that result. I’m so used to dealing with the constraint of 1024 at my day job, that I wanted to do something larger for the site even if it meant a little awkwardness for users on smaller screens. Admittedly that’s a poor attitude for a designer :-)

      I’d initially implemented the “V” as the background on the body element which avoided the issue of the extra pixels on the left but that led to complications and misalignment of the shadowed transition between header and content if the browser was dramatically constrained.

      Apologies if it has you doing extra scrolling.

  5. Tim Cox says:

    Hey Michael – love the new look and the book looks fab. Any chance you might publish a 2010 calendar? I’d def be in line for that. Great ride with you, Brendan and Willy up Mount Hamilton – thanks guys!

  6. BR says:

    Miguel…in that picture where yourself and Tim are thawing your feet out I see two power cords plugged into the wall. Are those powering the new Rapha chamois bun heaters for each of you or the do they power the new Rapha combo Margarita blender & helmet buffer? I recall that you were all in very good spirits when I eventually arrived. Next time can you all just pretend that you suffered a bit? Just say stuff like….”dude we JUST got here” or “we were watching you in the last 3K and your graceful style is inspiring.”

    Willy – 200K the day after? Let me know next time so I can be ready on 1 & Tunitas Creek with a water balloon launcher. Did you have a Grand Slam? :-)

    Tim…I will keep an eye on Michael the next time he gets near your bike.

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  9. Patrick says:

    Beautiful work. Good luck with the project and the year. I’d love to see more of your video work as well.

    • thanks Patrick,

      I’ve got to do more personal vid projects… I’m so conflicted when I’m in a situation where I want to shoot stills and video.

  10. Nic says:

    Happy new year! Site Redesign and Logo looking good- did you get signed up for the grand fondo again? I’m looking for a much, much better Coleman showing this year.
    Good luck in the new year, and hope that shooting full time becomes the reality.

    • Happy New Year Nic,

      Yes, I’m in for the Gran Fondo again. I’m hoping to improve on that middle section of King’s Ridge after the summit rest stop… and overall compete in a lighter weight division ;-)

  11. Chris DuRoy says:


    Just received the book. It was worth every penny. Gorgeous photos and a great conversation piece. I love it.