Quicksilver Response with Yokozuna Reaction Cables

Yokozuna Brake and Shifter Cables

I've got Competitive Cyclist to thank for the introduction to Yokozuna Reaction Cables. It wouldn't be the first time they've steered me towards great gear and these amazing strands are certainly a $65 bargain compared to the Cervelo they "persuaded" me to buy.

Back in September, with two centuries just around the corner I made a few changes to both bikes and took the opportunity to replace the stock Campy cable set on the Enigma with the Yokozuna Reaction product. While I can imagine that cables experience some quantifiable degradation in performance over, say 10,000 miles, I'm sure it's not much (and most of it could be remedied by an appropriate retensioning). Regardless, I wanted to see if I'd get the same quicksilver response that CC suggested and I haven't been disappointed. Shifting and braking are crisp, immediate and essentially frictionless.

My only quibble is a visual one. I love the spriral wrap of the compressionless brake housing, and though I understand that construction may not be necessary for shifting, the shift cable looks decidedly pedestrian by comparison. I doubt this will change if packaging is any indication... Yokozuna doesn't seem interested in competing with the Italians (I love Campy packaging). Then again if CC sells a ton of these, Andy may have some creative influence. Need some new cables, give him a call... the Reactions are available for Campy, Shimano and SRAM.

9 Responses to Quicksilver Response with Yokozuna Reaction Cables

  1. randomactsofcycling says:

    I rode Nokon cables with my Campy Chorus for about 18 months and thought they were great. Didn’t have to make an adjustment to the gear cables once. They’re not exactly big on packaging either but that is quickly forgotten. I’m speccing a new bike now and I’ll certainly be investigating the ‘after-market’ cable scene again.

  2. Jordan says:

    I’d love to see a photo of these cables on your bike! I also wrote up a blog post on my site about yours and shared a few of your images. If you want me to remove them I can. Was trying to bring attn to your site and your amazing images.

    • Hi Jordan,

      You’re fine using the images that way. Glad to hear cycling has had a big positive impact on your life (mine too). I’m off to chilly Toronto for a few days but will try and post a more representative photo of the cables on the bike soon.


  3. Jordan says:

    Sounds like you’re going to need all that Rapha wear on your trip! Have fun and stay warm.


  4. ben says:

    “I’d love see a photo of those cables on your bike” “sounds like your going to need all that rapha wear”. For the sake of coolness, which you have in spades, the comments are getting TOO Michael/Rapha love and it detracts from your skill.

  5. Josh says:

    They don’t come in white :(

  6. Kevin Kawainui says:

    No doubt these are very cool well functioning cables. Only problem seems to be rusting of the spiral in the brake housing. This may only be a issue here in Hawaii where the salt air wrecks most metals.

    • Kevin,

      thanks for sharing that fact… anyone in a salty environment should take this into account. Hopefully it’s just the cosmetics that have suffered.