DMT Radials – No Active Duty Till Spring

DMT Radials feature a simple three strap closure

The rains have finally come to California and while there's plenty of styling opportunities to be had wrapped in seasonal jackets from Rapha and Showers Pass it's hard to believe that this time last year I followed the Continental boys as they rode the route of Stage 2 of the Tour of California on what amounted to an idyllic summer day. Today was more like the weather the pros endured a month later in race itself.

Don't get me wrong I know many of you have been in the deep freeze and across the pond the U.K. faithful have had the worst winter in years, so spoiled as we are, I'm not complaining. I just wanted to wear my flash new shoes more than once before Spring.

The carbon sole is only 3.5mm thick under the cleats

I'm referring to a pair of DMT Radials. You might remember I picked up a pair of DMT Dragon street shoes last year. The Dragons share the same uppers as the Radials except the casual shoes are lace ups and the Radials close with three broad velcro straps. No ratcheting buckles, heel clamps or boa closures. Cinch them and go.

With Look cleats installed the road shoes are a svelte 314 grams each. Lightweight mesh/microfiber uppers and super stiff carbon fiber soles provide the comfort and performance you'd expect from a top line Italian shoe like this. That said, the functional basics satisfied, I'll admit I bought these purely for looks.

The Radial paired with Look's KEO pedals

This doesn't mean I'm about to abandon my preference for mountain spd shoes, but I'll have more to say about that in a future post when I compare several shoes sitting in the garage waiting for better weather.

In the meantime like everyone else North of the equator I'm wishing I was in Australia watching the Tour Down Under and spinning around between stages in my new white shoes.

16 Responses to DMT Radials – No Active Duty Till Spring

  1. BR says:

    How do you like the Velcro? The ratchet style closure for shoes is a great thing and I probably could not go back to a Velcro closure on a shoe – road or mountain.

    • Velcro works really well and these three straps are quite generous. While I really like the BOA filament system on my Specialized and Lake shoes (it’s easy to adjust even when the bike is moving) I don’t feel I’m losing any adjustability or security.

      One minor issue that’s sure to come up is keeping the white Velcro clean.

  2. Malk says:

    Ha, I’m originally from U.K but “in Australia watching the Tour down Under”
    …. Not that hot here in Melbourne though, this morning I wore Rapha Merino Sweater and Touring Shorts over Assos bibshorts…yesterday was even cooler and had to resort to the comforting fleecyness of Rapha 3/4 bibs, Rapha long sleeve Jersey, Rapha Stowaway and Rapha Silk Scarf! As always accompanied by my very comfy Specialized Sport MTB shoes.
    I just don’t “get” Road shoes. Maybe if you are a professional and you need to worry about every watt of energy and you don’t ever need to get off the bike. Otherwise forget it, and I’m not interested in stiff carbon soles either, they just don’t provide the comfort that I want.
    Anyone else in Australia reading this blog? Lets hear from you.

    • Malk,

      I completely agree… road shoes make sense for racing, but given how good mtb shoes are these days (essentially the same shoe with some added treads) and some decent pedal options, most riders would never notice a difference going with a mtb shoe.

  3. Sophrosune says:

    Sweet shoes, Velo. I have worn SIDI Geniuses for the last 15 years, just two pairs. Nice shoes no complaints, but not much to compare to. I wore old style Maressis before that. Just curious, do you not like the ratchet system used on most top-end shoes nowadays?

  4. No, I’m cool with the ratchets and love the boa closure on my Lakes and Specialized shoes… I just like the looks of the DMTs and noted that velcro closures still do a good job.

    I actually think the strap system adds to the good looks of the DMTs

  5. Martin says:

    Looking fabulous CANNOT be dismissed…yes, I have gold Sidi’s…

  6. Rob says:

    I have a black pair…The straps work for me. I tried a pair of Time shoes with the ratchet mechanism but they caused numbness on the top of my left foot.

    • Rob,

      I agree it is a little harder to over tighten with broad Velcro straps than with some of the ratchet mechanisms. The Radials look great in black too.

  7. Chris says:

    Finally you took the SLC-SL out for a spin…I bet it was awesome

  8. Fred says:

    How is the fit and sizing of the DMT Radial compared to your Specialized shoes? I am currently wearing the Specialized S-works boa closure shoe size 40. Looking to purchase the DMT Radial but nobody sells DMT in my area.

    • Hi Fred,

      I ordered my pair of Radials from Andy at Competitive Cyclist. My Specialized shoes; 3 pairs of mountain and 1 pair of road, are all 43. I went with a 43.5 based on the Competitive Cyclist review (which indicated a half size larger might be in order). I found that I didn’t need the extra half size and returned them for a 43.

      Like so many of these sizing questions I’d say that if your Specializeds were a snug fit you might need the extra half size, but if your Specialized shoes are a comfortable fit then you can probably go with the same size in the DMTs. Of course if it doesn’t work out, its not a big deal to ship them back for the alternate size.