Tunneling into the Future and Dreaming About the Past

Mooresville, North Carolina is NASCAR country. Thirty minutes north of the high-banked turns of Charlotte Motor Speedway, the A2 Wind Tunnel is the little brother of a larger facility that plays host to round-the-clock testing by Sprint Cup teams. I'm flying out with Specialized engineers on the red eye tomorrow night for two days of aero testing. I spent Sunday dialing in my cameras with the Daytona 500 marathon running in the background just so I'd have something to talk about with the locals if the situation arose. It was the first time I'd watched a stock car race in years, shame the racing was interrupted by two hours of track repair. Literally, watching epoxy dry.

I'm keen to see the science of aerodynamics in action and hopeful I can make some decent images inside what's basically a 14' wide by 9' high gray tube between instrumented runs. I've told them I'm ready to get on the bike, if they need some truly low speed sampling.

Campagnolo Heritage Jerseys

Meanwhile, I've been been tracking some fabulous Campy kit for 2010. These heritage jerseys will probably cost a fair bit. Look for them soon at cbike.com. I'm already standing in line.

A contemporary classic from Campagnolo for 2010

C821 - Heritage Half Zip Logo Jersey

A contemporary classic from Campagnolo for 2010

C822 - Heritage Half Zip Flocked Logo Jersey (sportwool)

A contemporary classic from Campagnolo for 2010

C814 - Heritage Full Zip Logo Jersey

Sweet Jacket from Campagnolo for 2010

C820 - Heritage Windproof Light Textran Jacket

6 Responses to Tunneling into the Future and Dreaming About the Past

  1. Dan says:

    These look to be more impressive than the new jerseys from Rapha! I may go against the grain this year and deviate from brand loyalty!

    I hope the Specialized job goes well. I eagerly await the report, it could be another ray of light and hope to help pull us UK inhabitants through these very wet and almost freezing times ;-)

    Many thanks as usual,


  2. Malk says:

    Thanks Campagnolo,
    I love your shifters and your derailleurs… changing your gears is like loading another bullet in a Lee Enfield Rifle.

    I love the way your silicon hoods connect me to my handlebar… but on the basis of this lot I’m afraid I will be sticking with Rapha for my threads.

  3. Bryan says:

    I’ll never own one but they look awesome.

  4. kurt says:

    I hope you are flying 1st class for your back’s sake! Do yourself a favor and get out of your seat, go to the back of the plane and do some stretches, high steps, and hip rotations to keep the blood flowing. Yeah, everyone will look at you funny, but it is well worth the embarassment on a long flight.

    I went to the end of year NASCAR event in Homestead Speedway. I am not much of a motor sport guy and always found the round and round and round again thing a bit of a bore. Yet when you see these speed machines running at 200+ miles an hour and FEEL the thunder of their engines you can’t help but be impressed. Renate and I had the chance to sit in the pits of the FedEX crew and so got an up close and personal view of the pit crew performance and excitement. Live is always better.

    Wow, aerodynamic testing! What a fabulous opportunity. I am very interested to learn from your experience in the tunnel.

    Yes, I received the book. Great to see your work in print.

    Ride on

    • Hi Kurt,

      No luck with the 1st class but I am in the last row outbound, so I should have no problem finding room to stretch. Thanks for the note re: a chiropracter. Brendan has a cycling-specific referral that I’m going to check out when I get back. I’m still experiencing a fair bit of discomfort.

      I’d like to see a NASCAR race from the pits… cool (or rather hot & noisy)


      • BR says:

        I went to NC on a business trip once and several of the people kept on referring to being out on Friday and how we better get this & that wrapped by Thursday, etc. I finally asked what’s the big deal about this weekend? You could hear a pin drop and one of them replied in a montone voice…”It’s Talladega this weekend” :-0 I was never a NASCAR fan but I did have my motor built by a guy that went on to build for a SC crew. There is a sweet spot in my motor around 3800-4400 RPMs that always reminds me of when he told me to time my shifts well and that I would not be disappointed – he was right.

        I need to take my own advice and go see Jonathan. I took the day off yesterday and dragged myself across 50 miles (felt like 80) with a sore back. For the non locals I rode the main passage of access to our best climbs and coastal access. I managed to see several pro’s and a few other over-the-hill geezers like myself. I got passed by a pair of well kitted guys on a decent grade. I was doing 10-12 and they were in big rings, blabbing, and going 15? 16? Punks. I saw Tibco ladies, got passed by some 20 something Stanford girls, etc. The chrome shoes are powerless.

        Travel safe Agent M: