Competitive Cyclist’s Andy Clark… “Take One”

Andy Clark explaining the finer points of cycling tech

Competitive CyclistAndy Clark's latest video review of the new Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 gruppo is exceptional, and continuing evidence that CC really has the passion and knowledge to earn our cycling dollars. Given that this comprehensive review is up and running within a week of the major publication's reporting of same, and Andy has a busy day job, it's impressive.

Production values are solid and the simple studio setting puts the focus on Andy's easy, seemingly effortless delivery. The fact he's sporting a little stubble, is likely more of a fashion statement than the fact it took him 23 takes to get it right.

Off-the-cuff I could see Andy doing a great video spoof explaining the benefits of a Gillette Fusion razor (for face or legs). How about it Andy?

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