A Little More Forward Lean to the Giro Prolight

Here are a couple more shots for those of you who thought the Giro Prolight was pushed too far back on my head last time out. Finally here's a close up shot of the ROC-LOC SL harness, which shows you just how minimalist it is without sacrificing fit. Click Interior Shot to Enlarge.

If you're still after more shots of the Prolight, look through the Copperopolis Race Gallery. Quite a few riders were wearing it.

Giro Prolight Front Giro Prolight Profile
Giro Prolight and Filter SunglassesGiro Ionos and Filter Sunglasses
Interior and ROC-LOC SL straps of Prolight

8 Responses to A Little More Forward Lean to the Giro Prolight

  1. William says:

    I only have one comment about the helmets. Please tell me that you didn’t pay for all of them.

    Having said that, I suppose you are a Scot so I guess you didn’t ;-)

    Good to compare the lids, I have a big head as well and am a Giro user, the Specialized Sworks that I had a few years ago sat on the top of my head and looked silly. I think it will be the Ionos next.

    Was there any appreciable difference in wind noise between the helmets?

    • William,

      I’ve been lucky to get a couple of them sent my way. If you’ve seen the tab area on the site you know I’ve long since been disowned by any Scottish relatives. I think the Ionos is the most aggressive looking of the three Giro helmets I covered.

      I still owe everyone some feedback on cooling but ironically the “Whisper” is the noisiest of the lot for my ears.


  2. Franco says:

    Most appreciative of all the helmet shots. I am going with the Prolight. Thank you.

  3. Bin says:

    Looks like the Prolight is going for around the same price as an Ionos right now on Ebay. Probably because of the newness of the Prolight. I am in the market for a new helmet actually and was considering the Prolight myself. However, I just can’t justify selecting it over the Ionos. The Ionos just LOOKS so much more sophisticated and high tech. The Prolight looks kind of cheap and plain in comparison. That’s just my two cents.

    • Glyn says:

      Just thought I’d let you know that following your reviews and comments to my last e mail I went for the S Works in black, very happy with it.

      • You can’t go wrong there. I think all these helmets are great, it’s just what looks best (or we think looks best) on our noggins. Specialzed and Giro were running neck and neck at the Copperopolis RR according to my informal photographic survey.

        thanks Glyn


    • Bin,

      I think that difference is most apparent from the front… the Prolight is a little less aggressive, but I think it looks great in profile. I love the ROC-LOC SL. That said I routinely wear my Ionos.