Review: Lake MX400 Custom Fit Carbon MB shoes

Lake MX400 MB Shoes

I swear I've not abandoned my beloved Specialized Trail 120s but I was immediately attracted by Jenson USA's deal on the Lake MX400 shoes. The MX400 is a premium, full-carbon, customizable model that weighs in at a trim 350g. Originally priced somewhere north of $400 they were reduced to a more palatable $149. They're heat mold-able, just pop in the oven at 180 degrees for five minutes and then shape to taste, but what really got me was the fact they were available in silver and that made them a sparkling match for the Enigma – admittedly I'm out of my accessorizing mind. User opinion suggested the Lake's fit required going up a size and there was some negative opinion about the longevity of the boa closure system but I fancied I'd be faster in silver shoes.

I've had them for about two weeks and turned about 300 miles in them. The baking and shaping which can be repeated if necessary worked perfectly with the result they feel very solid around my heel. I don't know how the boa system will hold up long term but it provides a very easy way to snug the shoes with the added flexibility to do this while riding. Replacement reels and laces are available from Lake. The full carbon sole is stiff and the ventilated uppers keep the toe box nice and cool.

I've been reading some of Steve Hogg's advice regarding mid-foot cleat position on and decided to mount the SPD cleats on the Lakes in the rear set of holes. This does increase the toe overlap on the Enigma, but the net is still less overlap than I'm used to on the Cervelo SLC-SL. It's not far enough back to really qualify as mid-foot but I'm hoping it's going to reduce the tendency of my calves to cramp late in long rides. I can feel the position engages my quads and hamstrings more.

In summary I think the Lakes are a half size smaller than other brands. Since I liked the silver so much, I ended up ordering a pair in white and went with my regular size 43 on the second pair I can't resist a good deal. Removing the optional liner provides an even better fit on the smaller size. Conclusion... I'm a perfect 43.5 in Lake shoes.

I've yet to wear the white ones, pending the arrival of the appropriate matching white/silver cycling socks.


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