Rapha, Kühl and Five Ten Together for Spring

Rapha Short Sleeve Shirt, Kuhl Renegade trousers and five ten spitfire shoes

I lived in Rapha's short sleeved Fixed Shirt last summer. I needed just two of them to get by shooting on the road. Washed and hung to dry at night, the shirt was always ready for action the next morning... no ironing required. This season's Short Sleeve offerings in powder blue and pink up the style ante with the beautiful tailoring, stretch cotton fabric and details that are the hallmark of all Rapha products.

Rapha Short Sleeve Shirt in blue, new for 2010

Unsure I could carry off the pink like the Continental's Ben Lieberson does on the Rapha site, I bought two XLs in blue and love them.

The Rapha shirt is matched here with a pair of Kühl Renegade trousers. The Renegades are super lightweight pants, styled with Kühl's signature articulated knee and relaxed fit. Rated at SPF 50 they have plenty of pockets: two front, two concealed and zipped side, two velcro-sealed rear and a cell phone pocket on the outside of the right leg just above the knee. My iPhone fits comfortably. I like the fact all those pockets don't compromise the clean lines of the trouser.

Rapha Short Sleeve Shirt, Kuhl Renegade trousers and five ten spitfire shoes

Last but not least I'm wearing a pair of Five Ten Spitfires, a versatile midtop skater shoe in Black split-grain leather and gray nubuck with a small RAF roundel. The shoe has a nicely padded heel collar, stealth traction sole, and killer good looks.

Five Ten Spitfire Skate shoes

The Rapha Short Sleeve Shirt is $110, the Kühl Renegades $70 and the Five Ten Spitfires $90.

18 Responses to Rapha, Kühl and Five Ten Together for Spring

  1. Malk says:

    Keep these photos for posterity Michael, just to show you knew how to build a great outfit.

  2. mike says:

    rapha makes nice bike clothes that people seem to like. however, that whole tibetan sweater thing has utterly turned me off from ever purchasing a rapha item, even used on ebay. that guy in the vid clip is smarmy at best. and to clarify, one does not curate a freaking sweater! how that word has pervaded cycling is beyond me. cheap labor, buying low, and selling high is nothing new. how much did that video cost? the flights for 4 guys? etc…

    assos gets cheap se asian labor to make a $400 garment and they exploit those people’s labor. everybody knows it’s profiteering.

    rapha goes to nepal to make a $400 garment and it’s still profiteering. but not only are they exploiting labor, they’re going with a video camera to exploit people’s faces, their children, their architecture, their food, and their culture.

    the whole dam thing is condescending and transparent and insulting. rapha sucks across the board. mike

    • Hi Mike,

      I can see how you might react that way to the sweater story, but overall I think Rapha has their heart in the right place, and they make no bones about trying to run a profitable company. My post is about the short sleeve shirt, a pair of pants and some running shoes. I had to watch the video again to see who you were talking about… I only remembered Cole (with the big moustache) in the video. I don’t personally know the Apolis guy, but Cole, who I do know, is one of the coolest, most real guys on the planet.

      OK, back to the shirt, pants and shoes in the post.


      • Malk says:

        Hold on Mike, don’t burn all your Rapha gear just yet.

        There are a couple of points which need to be made, for one, Assos don’t get there gear made in SE Asia, mostly it is made in Switzerland although “ASSOS wholly or partially owns exclusive manufacturing assembly plants in Slovenia, Greece and Bulgaria, as well as Switzerland. Thats from their website at http://www.assos.com/en/89/made-by-assos.aspx

        Do you reckon these guys in Tibet are being forced to work for Rapha or something, I would guess not…they are probably the envy of everyone else who has to scrape a living out of the dust!

        If this stuff was made in Britain it would be shit! I am telling you… it would literally fall apart! Why not leave the job to people who know what they are doing?

        By the way Rapha if you want to exploit me in any of your upcoming films I would be happy to participate, unfortunately I don’t quite have the good looks of Cole or his immaculate mate.

        I added that video to my favorites on vimeo about a month ago, I think that this Cole bloke may be the coolest guy on the planet…what about the two other shirts he wears in that film (not Rapha) and his look towards the end is fantastic…red Softshell, Bibs and Legwarmers and those discontinued Specialized MTB shoes, were did those come from? I want to meet this guy!

        • You “just add water” to Cole and you get fantastic images everytime ;-)

          My favorite Cole memory from last year’s Continental series is of him climbing Buffalo Pass outside Chinle, AZ and extending his fist (without turning his head) to acknowledge a Navajo kid bombing the descent on his BMX.

          Classic Cole.

  3. Josh says:

    what’s the story behind the “tibetan sweater thing”?

  4. BR says:

    Rapha can never be my first choice when I need cycling clothing but the stuff that I do have is the best I have ever owned. I also think that the transparency of the labor source actually honors the workers on a certain level. I thought that Rapha made a few pieces in Italy and they even had a few UK made items. I use other well made cycling clothing products and I certainly don’t see the same transparency in the marketing of those items. I assume that Rapha does not need to sell a huge amount of product to survive but at least they don’t mass produce mediocre – got a closet full – products and ignore the entire supply chain.

    10lbs? What the Heckinshire Hills is going down here son? I think that you need to join me on the Sequoia Century this June 6th. Sounds like too much focus-clicky-focus-clicky and not enough clicky-pedal-clicky pedal. That’s my wise man advice impression.

  5. kurt says:

    No matter how hot it gets, I just can’t sport a short sleeve shirt with a proper collar.

    I like the shoes though.

    Many sport shoe makers give you a black version of their trainer that just comes off looking like Frankenstein’s boots. If they do come up with a svelt design, they trash it up with shiny gold insignia. 5-10 did a good job of making the spitfire stylish and and a bit edgey. Checked out the 5-10 site. You made a good choice with the spitfire, the Tennie is also pretty cool.

    I have been looking for a new pair of kicks.

    Weekly mileage numbers are now over 200. I am feeling pretty strong but still struggle with the lb’s.

    Ride on

    • Congrats on the mileage Kurt, that’s terrific. The past few months I’ve only got my 100-125 commuting miles in, while I try to shoot on the weekends.
      I need to eat less and for whatever reason I just can’t motivate myself to reduce portions right now. Weak.

      I like the Guide Tennies and I have a pair of Ba51c 12Lines I’ll feature at some point later.

  6. PJT says:

    The Kuhl’s look comfy. I saw they don’t make a 33. Would you go down or up in size? Do they fit loose or tight?

    • PJT,

      They seem to be right on the mark, and it’s worth noting I have two pairs of the Renegade (34) and a pair of the Ryders (34) and the fit is identical. If you always wear a belt I’d go with the 34 and enjoy the comfort. If you don’t wear a belt, then try the 32, there’s a little stretch to the fabric.

      If you’re in the U.S. returns should be straightforward

      • PJT says:

        Thanks you for the quick response. I really appreciate it. I like the reviews on the products. Still like Rapha, although, not a fan of the new jerseys with the odd color blocks. I notice you have not profiled them, so I assume you are not a fan either. Like the other stuff and the pink stow. Too bad I have the white one… The pink one sure is nice. Saw an online retailer with 21% off all clothing including Rapha for the Giro, so I may have to think hard… Thanks again and keep the reviews coming. Remember, I be the one the one wearing the bibs and the winter hat while duck hunting… I Like but don’t have the one that matches a barbour jacket in waxed green…

  7. CMAC says:

    Nice Audi accents. :)

  8. Time you got comfortable with your feminine side Michael. Pink is fine for you now that you don’t have the red hair showing. A cool outfit, sadly my ass is too big for the pants. Not by much…