Cat’s Hill 2010 Gallery

The streets of Los Gatos, California played host to another Cat's Hill Classic

Saturday Los Gatos, California played host to another Cat's Hill Classic circuit race punctuated by the short but steep (22%) Cat's Hill climb every lap. If it looks like some of the riders are track standing its because they were moving that slowly. A couple even fell over sideways just to prove the point. If you raced you'll find a gallery of selects in my portfolio.

It's that steep Kimono and helmet Who Need race radio These guys look good in their helmets wandering across the course Almost at the top A bit of color

7 Responses to Cat’s Hill 2010 Gallery

  1. Jon Moss says:

    Great shots Michael – 22% sounds a tad steep!

    • Thanks Jon,

      Luckily it’s only 75 yards long but it just jumps directly from 0 to 22% on the turn. Lots of shift problems and the odd dropped chain in the course of a day’s racing.


  2. Josh says:

    Incredible photographs as always, Michael. It was really nice to see you at the race and talk shop on Saturday. Whenever you’re ready to submit the “white 85/1.4″ proposal to Canon, let me know :-)

    • Hi Josh,

      We’ll get the first two units of that beauty rolling off the production line. Nice to see you Saturday. Maybe see you at the ToC.


  3. layton wakatsuki says:


    Inspiring work; especially enjoyed the the studies of the kimono/helmet and the long haired waif crossing the street. The body language in each perfectly matched the costume, the first with the slight bend of polite diffidence, and the second, completely loose and carefree (mr. bojangles). Question > what would you recommend as a first (and perhaps only – who am i kidding?) canon lense for a canon slr pro level body?

    best regards, layton

    • Hi Layton,

      Thanks for the positive comments. One lens… that is a tough one. If it was me and I could only have a single lens, I’d probably go with one that I don’t own, the new 70-200 f2.8 IS II. You could do a lot with it from portraits to sports. There are other popular zooms, but I’m not familiar with them (24-70 comes to mind). If you wanted to do street photography the 50mm f1.4 is a very good value at a classic focal length (at least on a FF sensor). If you were interested in landscapes you’d probably go for a wide angle, perhaps the 16-35 f2.8.

      But who are we kidding once you have one, you’ll be “obligated” to expand the collection.

      • layton says:

        Greeetings Michael,

        Now I’m trying to choose between the Canon 5D Mark 11 vs. Nikon 700D…
        and once past that, i’m sure it’ll be impossible to stop @ one lens (thanks for your

        No different than bikes of course, who has just one ? Too much good stuff!

        aloha, layton