SKINS Compression Gear Critical to Rider Recovery

Kika Sponsors Giro, Specialized, Twin Six, Ultramotor, SKINS, Rapha, Fedex SKINS compression long sport and camo tights will aid rider recovery

The Tour for Kika rider's biggest challenge may not happen on the road. It may be fought every night when they step off the bike and try to recover for the next day's mileage. Recovery drinks, calories and a good night's sleep will be important but we're really happy that SKINS has agreed to provide us with their compression tights to improve blood flow during those important first few hours after the day's stage.

This is technology that all serious endurance athletes embrace. During last year's Specialized Ride to Vegas, world mountain bike champ and last year's Leadville 100 womens champ Rebecca Rusch made sure her amateur charges had an opportunity to wear SKINS' products. It clearly made a big difference.

Each rider will have a pair of sport tights in black and a pair of sport tights in white camo pattern to choose from. Thank you SKINS.

Rapha's beautiful commemorative Tourmalet jersey

More thanks are in order. Rapha released a great-looking commemorative Tourmalet jersey yesterday and I'll have one of them in France to award to the KOM winner on Stage 17 at the top of the mountain. A great prize for that monumental climb, thanks Slate.

Finally, packing and shipping all this generously-donated gear to Europe was going to be a very expensive proposition before Fedex stepped in and helped us last week. The company who had perhaps the best co-starring role in a major motion picture ever, with Mr. Hanks in Castaway, proved they have a very big heart in response to my hail-mary email. Thank you Lisa and Jill.

3 Responses to SKINS Compression Gear Critical to Rider Recovery

  1. Tim says:

    Hey Michael – all the best wishes for your assignment, and really well done on getting that kit donated. Let me know if I can help with any PR support to boost awareness during the project. Love that Tourmalet jersey and am **this close** to visiting Just came back from a week in Carlsbad – some great riding around there.

  2. Dave Wyman says:

    You’re to be commended for your good work, Michael. Kudos to Fedex, too. And best of luck to all the riders, who are offering to suffer for more than just glory.

    One, slight correction to your post – the film title is Cast Away, which offers added layers of meaning to the story.

    • Thanks Dave,

      Aside from the typo, I never inferred that nuance from the film, but of course, you’re right … it’s there.
      A little more packing today and there’s nothing to do but fly.