Bags Packed, Fly out Tomorrow

Rapha Backpack, ThinkTank Photo Airport Security V2, Thinktank Photo Logistics Manager, Duffle

One Hundred pounds of cameras, flashes, bike gear and clothing ready to go. ThinkTank Photo's Airport Security v2 (left) and mammoth Logistics Manager do the heavy lifting; the Airport Security gets carried on with all the expensive stuff and actually weighs a lot more fully loaded than it's big brother for this assignment. As always the large Rapha Backpack is glued to me with my MacBook Pro, 2TB of external drives and various power and computer accessories.

If I've forgotten anything now, I'll just have to buy it in Europe. See you on the other side.

10 Responses to Bags Packed, Fly out Tomorrow

  1. I’m guessing your clothes are in the Rapha backpack? LOL. Have a great trip, and take some memorable action shots of the events.
    All the very best, and take care,

    • No actually I did try to heed your advice, the big roller is almost exclusively clothes. I have one backup flash head, a small modifier for my dual flash rig and my ball head in there, that’s it.

      In the smaller roller: 200 f2, 100 f2.8, 50 f1.4, 21mm f2.8, 20-35 f2.8, 5DMkII, 1DMkIV, 1.4X, Pocket Wizards, 2 430EX II flashes, remote switch, Zacuto Z-Finder. It weighs about 50lbs. The big case is only 35lbs.

      I have my tripod, a little gorilla pod thingy, and a magic arm in the duffel along with my ThinkTank belt system.

      I’m going to do dual backups all the way. First copy to 500GB or 350GB drives, second copy to 1TB notebook drive. I’ll keep the drives and the 1DMkIV with me all the time. I don’t know whether I’ll attempt any video.

  2. Jon Moss says:

    Safe trip Michael.

    Look forward to write ups, insight and of course, the photos!

    Jon :-)

    • Thanks Jon.

      This will be the longest concentrated period of photography in my life. I’m hoping I come back with two or three portfolio quality images and maybe one absolute cracker in addition to a pile of good ones.

      I’m really glad I’m going early which will let me get a few days rest before the epic begins. I’m fried from preparations and the frustrations of the day job. New chapter starts Friday.


  3. Sime says:

    Howdy! Great post, I’ve popped it up on the Think Tank Photo Facebook page, I hope that’s OK! [It's linked] –Sime

    p.s. have a great shoot!!

  4. ed yancer says:

    what brand of external drives do you use for your macbook pro?
    I have a macbook pro also and would like to pick one up, just looking to back up photo’s

    by the way looking forward to your post.
    thanks, ed

    • Hi Ed,

      Right now I’m using G-Drives They’ve been reliable for me. I’ve also got a Western Digital 1TB Blue Scorpio notebook drive in an external enclosure after it wouldn’t fit in my 15″ MacBook pro. The 850GB on the two G-drives should be enough to hold the entire month project; with a second copy on the 1TB Scorpio. The trick is to keep them physically separate in case something is stolen etc. Looking ahead this “packing” discipline is going to be tough.

      I’ll probably have a post later today about how I’m going to rejig my luggage now that I’m on the ground to have a single “working bag”; one bag to take out the car each night to the various hotels.