Lance, Voeckler and Boom Climb to Avoriaz

I managed to shoot Stage Eight of the race as it left Morzine yesterday. Lance fighting to come back with help from Brajkovic. The hi-res images clearly show a fierce determination in Lance's eyes. Thomas Voeckler using his tongue to power his way to Avoriaz and finally a funny sequence with Lars Boom off the front just after he shouted "Hello Ladies" in Dutch to the beautiful girls in our party. He then turns around with a huge grin to his Rabobank teammate who's looking at the girls. Good to see they can still appreciate the best things life has to offer even while they're suffering on the bike.

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6 Responses to Lance, Voeckler and Boom Climb to Avoriaz

  1. Todd Royal says:

    It’s so nice to finally see those world champ stripes on Lance’s jersey…I was starting to wonder if they had forgotten about his championship win. It was tough to watch him struggle up the climb like that, but these images capture his dignity, determination, and respect for the sport.

    Thanks for sharing your journey thus far. I for one can’t wait to read/see more.

  2. Jon Moss says:

    Super photos Michael, and I agree with Todd, it was tough to see Lance have such an awful day.

    But an awful day, never gets him down. He always picks himself up, and gets better for it.

  3. Mark says:

    Fantastic pictures, as ever, Michael. What lens were you using? Incredibly clear, shallow DoF.

  4. Your hero and all the contestants seemed to have a problem on this stage, maybe the first real ascent?
    The 200 does the job well Michael, kinda makes the cost worthwhile.


  5. kurt says:

    It is difficult to see LA referred to as a “waning legend”. I hope he gets a stage win under his belt to soften the blow.

    The photgraphs are great. I have attempted the special tongue manuever to enhance performance albeit nowhere near as pronounced as Voeckler. I guess I will need to work on it.