Velodramatic Photo makes Rock Racing Podium

Oscar Sevilla, Mt. Hamilton training ride

It was a nice surprise to find out that one of my photographs won a prize in Rock Racing's Flickr Photo Contest. The image of Oscar Sevilla was taken on the HC ascent of Mt. Hamilton during Stage 3 of this year's Tour of California.

Provocatively Sevilla, Tyler Hamilton and Santiago Botero were out training on the race course (and clearly making a statement) just a few minutes ahead of the peloton.

The Rock Racing Venom kit is an electric blast of green and black straight out the pages of a superhero comic book and it truly rocks. I chose to submit the shot in black and white because I wanted to focus on Sevilla's composure. He looked so PRO climbing one of the last steep pitches at a good clip without a hint of difficulty.

Kyle Kuykendall's artistic shot won the full-kit grand prize from among nearly 500 contest entries. Congrats Kyle. Considering I had few opportunities to shoot the team, I'm pretty happy. I didn't bother to enter a great image of Mario Cipollini from the TOC prologue since the relationship with Rock had fizzled... pity.

I'd just add that Rock's obvious knack for merchandising is a designer's dream. They continue to suit the team out in fantastic race-specific variations (Harlem Rocks, Team Austin Crit). I'm sure it motivates the riders and can't hurt with the fans who've been snapping up RR kit from the web store.

One Response to Velodramatic Photo makes Rock Racing Podium

  1. TJ says:

    Congrats Michael. It’s nice to see your photography talent getting some recognition.