Cycling Needs Intelligence Testing

There is light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully today it's shining brightly into the eyes of Riccardo Riccò in a police station somewhere in France. Fool.

I'm starting to believe it's time for race organizers to add intelligence testing to the doping controls administered during races. And after yesterday morning's commute there's at least one rider of a pannier-equipped hybrid that needs his head examined too. He was so intent on keeping ahead of me that he ran two reds to do so, zig-zagging through turning traffic at the second light. Another poster boy for cycling who's sure to win over every hostile motorist on the road.

3 Responses to Cycling Needs Intelligence Testing

  1. BR says:

    I ride the Willow Glen to Tasman route via the Guadalupe River Garden trail. There are always detours to deal with and the latest one suggests that path users use a light/crosswalk as we intersect with Market (Coleman). Everyday..every single day I see some insecure person (aka Jackass) so upset that I caught them that they choose to skip the light & crosswalk and cross Market St as it goes under 87. I always catch them again but sometimes I hang back so I don’t enrage them again and force them to try more evasive actions.

    Certainly these riders have elevated levels of Testosterone!! These are the same F*&#@&’s that pass us on 9 or Mt Hamilton with their bikes on their roof. Years ago I was the catalyst for a rider who blew a red light and t-boned a car 100′ after the intersection. In amazement I watched him ride head first into the passenger window of a car. After calling 911 and sitting with the rider (in shock) until the meat wagon arrived I provided my contact info to the driver as it was clearly the fault of the rider. He destroyed his frame and hopefully took up gardening after being released from the hospital. This happened at 6PM on Homestead & Blaney.

  2. BR says:

    ….also let’s see if the bio passport defense that Ricardo refers to exonerates him. The CERA dope is troubling.

    The French Anti-Doping Agency reported that Ricco tested positive both for the presence of EPO and a relatively new synthetic substance, known as CERA, or continuous erythropoiesis receptor activator. The new drug is a treatment for anemia associated with kidney disease that is marketed in Europe by Roche and is known to have a longer-lasting effect than synthetic EPO. Article

    I think that pulling the team is wise as it now hits the pocketbooks of dozens of people. This further isolates the users.

  3. BR,

    Allowing for due process, if the B sample confirms the Ricco finding the Tour should ban him from the Tour for life. Under the current circumstances, and the events of the past two years no rider can claim ignorance if caught. This is flagrant and premeditated cheating.

    I’d like to see the pro teams endorse an additional sanction for any rider caught doping. In addition to the UCI’s two year ban, a rider would be given a lifetime ban from the race in which they were caught. Dope in the Tour and get caught and you’ll never start another Tour. Dope in Paris Roubaix and you’ll never appear in the classic again. No second chances.