Testing, Testing… CrossVegas Under the Lights

CrossVegas 2010 score line. Jamey Driscoll looked to repeat the mid-race ambush that won him last year's pro race but Francis Mourey capitalized on a ferocious chase by Ryan Trebon and others to nip him at the line. Earlier Katerina Nash dominated the elite woman's field for Luna before a large, relatively well-behaved crowd.

After a frustrating shoot last year I left the venue convinced I wouldn't be back. Look at the coverage in Cycling News and Velonews and you'll see just how challenging it is to get compelling images that are reasonably sharp without that deer in the headlights look. It's a tough assignment for any photographer.

CrossVegas 2010 CrossVegas 2010

I opted to give CrossVegas another try with a little more involved light setup... dual speedlites firing through a long-throw modifier. It was definitely better and after the first industry race I decided to stay in the one location and treat the whole evening as a test. I still don't have the quality of light I'd like but it's pretty obvious the only way to improve the situation is to bring more lights. With interbike in Anaheim next year I'm not sure where the race will be or the venue. Anyway here are a few images that worked out. I'm out of Vegas tonight to shoot a wedding in Madison, WI on Saturday.

Postscript: Check out the Rapha cross kit. I didn't know they were sponsoring a team. I thought it looked good.

CrossVegas 2010 CrossVegas 2010 CrossVegas 2010 CrossVegas 2010 CrossVegas 2010 CrossVegas 2010

8 Responses to Testing, Testing… CrossVegas Under the Lights

  1. Jono says:

    Great expression / grimace from #10 and a good lighting set up considering you were travelling light. The Rapha kit looks great but I can’t see any mud underfoot!

  2. Don says:

    Rapha kit is colorful, but I’ll be curious to see how those Focus frames hold up. Talked to a guy on the Larkspur Ferry and his Carbon Focus roadie had developed cracks in the bottom bracket area two weeks into ownership. They replaced the frame, but it was out of action for a month. They are at a competitive price point, but they also need to hold up.
    Nice photography as always.

  3. The better quality of lighting has given your images much more depth Michael, we must talk about this at some time. Don’t feed your ideas to the opposition on the site here, it’s hard enough getting your own look without copiers reading your technique manual for free.
    It just gets better.


  4. the last two shots are aweseome, (is that Bishop?) The look of distress and pain on his face is classic

  5. willy in pacifica says:

    Now that you can photo cross you have to come out to the local races for some cute little girls photos. I lent Rupert my wifes IF cross bike so he is supposed to race as well.