A Wisconsin Wedding Spin Around the State Capital

I flew straight from interbike to Wisconsin to shoot my friend Kathryn's wedding. After the official proceedings she, Mike and company went for a ride around the state capital in Madison. Great Fun, and all the best to the happy couple.

Kathryn and Mike's Wedding Kathryn and Mike's Wedding Kathryn and Mike's Wedding

And how many brides would risk going for a mountain bike ride the day before. Excuse the borrowed Trek; this is a very Specialized girl.

Kathryn and Mike's Wedding

10 Responses to A Wisconsin Wedding Spin Around the State Capital

  1. Scott says:

    They look like fun folks. And it’s nice to see some other views of the city without people kissing on the Capitol stairs. I work across the street from it, so perhaps I’m jaded, but I how you captured different aspects of the couple in the city they live. Maybe you need to be from somewhere else to actually “see” those possibilities. Hope you had a great time in Madison.

    • Hi Scott,

      Wish I could have spent more time in Madison. I really liked what I saw of the city. That Saturday farmer’s market is amazing and the vibe reminded me of Portland or Seattle; lot’s of riders commuting by bike.


  2. Stephen says:

    Holy wow – how did her dress not get caught in the drivetrain?!

    • She did end up with a little chain grease on the dress but otherwise came through unscathed. Kathryn’s a good rider, I wouldn’t advise most brides to try it or their reception would finish in the emergency dept. ;-)


  3. BR says:

    ..all females look great riding bicycles…Kathryn looks beautiful. Were you on the electric bike from France? :-)

  4. Now that’s a fresh image for the wedding album nobody has done it YET! The bride in the emergency room, head through the cycle frame, leg in plaster. The ultimate cyclists wedding image.

    Go for it Michael,

    well maybe not…

  5. Josh says:

    Awesome shots Mike, I would love to see the rest of your wedding porfolio.

    It was great meeting you at cross vegas!

  6. Kathryn says:

    Thanks for the coverage, Michael! And an even bigger thanks for capturing our amazing weekend. We were pretty lucky to have a photographer of international acclaim!