Losing My Chain of Thought

Losing my Chain

I'm sitting at home recuperating from another heavy weekend of editing and feeling a little guilty about missing Levi's Granfondo. Last year I was enjoying the satisfying post-ride fatigue of a century well done. This time around I just didn't have it in me. I've climbed about 500' since May with a few hundred miles to show for the entire summer. My lower back slipped two places in the nemesis rankings replaced by some higher vertebrae and a chronically bum left shoulder. Riding has been aggravating the pain so I'm conflicted about what to do next. Last week I flipped my stem up to encourage a slightly more upright position, but there's not much else to be done with the Enigma or I won't be riding a road bike.

Back to the editing... I've started book layout of the Tour for Kika project. The 23,000 images came down to 3,800 selects, further distilled to 800, and finally reduced to a concentrated pool of 480. That's the good news. The bad news is the myPublisher service I use supports a maximum of 100 pages per book. There's no way a single book will accommodate more than 175 of the images the way I'll play them. Other services offer higher page counts (Blurb 160), but I'm still convinced myPublisher has the best quality.

While I try to wrestle my way out of that predicament, the flood of images has only reinforced my admiration for the riders that managed to make 3600 kms of the Tour look easy. I have absolutely no hesitation is saying I couldn't have done it. With their training I might have ridden two or three consecutive days before my back put a stop to the adventure. There were a few uncomfortable stages. One rider fell hard descending one day and was understandably sore the next. Another ate something that violently disagreed with him and spent three hours turning inside out on a Pyreneean stage, otherwise they saddled up without complaint and knocked it out day after day. It was something to watch.

Well, I'm losing my 'chain' of thought and need to get back to the book layout. Too bad I can't hook Lightroom up to a trainer, I have a feeling I'm going to log some big DAM miles in the next few weeks before there's light at the end of the tunnel.

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  1. BR says:

    Hey Michael – Don’t be one of those people that turn a hobby/activity into a business and then never have time for the hobby part of it. The commitment to the work is great and I love to follow the stories but 60 miles per week should be easy to hit. I can ride early Saturday for a few hours. Is your back pain related to keyboard/office chairitis?

    • I hear you buddy. It’s not lack for lack of interest, the back pain is all too real and aggravated on the bike. Hope to get in for a doctor’s appointment shortly and see what’s up.


  2. BR says:

    ..and don’t forget Jonathan…good Chiro and a Cat 2 back in the day. He understands bike riders and has sent me away to stretch vs a full adjustment several times in the past. He is not a stereotypical Chiro.

  3. Josh says:

    bummer…have been in similar predicament myself lately with various injuries and maladies. It’s fun to shoot cycling, but it’s more fun to participate, and frustrating when I can’t.

    If it’s any consolation: your photos are still awesome and inspiring to budding cycling ‘togs such as myself :-)

  4. Ivan says:

    Hi Michael,

    I came across your blog the other day while searching “Rapha”. Well done, Ill be hitting it daily.

    Sorry to hear about the back, pain is a MF. Check out this article, might be worth researching.


    Keep the rubber side down,


    • thanks for that Ivan,

      I actually have never taken the time to find out what “rolfing” is. The place I occasionally visit for massage has it on the “menu”
      After reading the article it’s clear that it WILL hurt to give it a try… but that might be just the ticket.


  5. Matthias says:

    He Micheal,
    Even after 10 weeks at home i still can not get the right perception of the adventure that we have been in. The pictures are more than stunning.

    Just got a first glimps of the first part of the book and can not wait for the second one….. I agreed what Pepijn said in one of the emails: I’m more sad that there is not a 3rd book :)

    Hope to speak to you soon!


  6. Should you decide on a good rolfing I would recommend that you wear a flesh coloured bra Michael.


  7. michael says:

    I herniated a few cervical discs and for recovery I did these things;

    1. Acupuncture for pain.
    2. Massage and ultrasound for healing.
    3. Physical therapy for recovery.
    4. Psychotherapy to make the mind/body connection.

    When that didn’t work I went to a guru who said I should get ten hugs a day from beautiful women, I got 7 and healed 70%…!

  8. Soundssore except the hugs, you don’t get them at Hospitals.