Enigma Eulogy 08 Project Bike

Enigma EulogyAfter six months of carbon bliss on the Cervelo I had to venture elsewhere on the periodic table for a suitable stablemate. Oh, the Soloist isn't going anywhere – EVER – but I'm excited at the prospect of a titanium Eulogy from U.K.-based Enigma joining it.

Right now it's early in the custom frame process but I've been really pleased with the response from Enigma President Jim Walker and Lead Designer Mark Reilly. I'll be ecstatic if we replicate the basic fit of the Cervelo but would like to see a little less toe overlap, so I can truly ride circles around the competition. Right now I have to be careful in close quarters that I don't stub my toe and make an embarrassing low speed dismount.

What's the real attraction? The Eulogy's clean silver lines and sexy rear end is a great visual departure from the black, wind-cheating SLC-SL. It justs speaks a different visual language.
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2 Responses to Enigma Eulogy 08 Project Bike

  1. Ron says:

    Your SLC-SL looks so good. I love the black. How does it corner and climb, just wondering? Good?

  2. It’s a brilliant bike that lives up to all the superlatives it’s been given in countless reviews and individual feedback. What suprised me most was how forgiving and generally rideable it is. Now I don’t have it set up with a jackknife saddle to bar drop like the pros and the Topolinos definitely contribute to a more damped ride, but in a word, it’s comfortable.

    I ride it every chance I get and if the weather is good, I commute on it. This is no museum piece. Glad you tuned in.