Rêve.cc – The Ultimate Grand Tour Experience

Rêve creates the ultimate grand tour experience for the recreational cyclist;

I'll keep this short since you'll all be curious and feeling more than a little peckish for some real cycling fare around here. Well, I'm pleased to announce Rêve (french for dream) the new venture I've been secretly working on with my friend Wilfred de Kruijf in the Netherlands.

Rêve (pronounced rev) gives accomplished recreational cyclists the ultimate experience of riding a complete grand tour (tous les 21 étapes) as part of a team. In 2011 we'll take a group of 15-25 riders to France, in 2012 we hope to take teams to all three grand tour routes.

There are three unique keys to the Rêve forumula: a strong team concept; documentary photography; and timing - we ride one day ahead of the grand tour itself, to maximize the grand tour atmosphere.

These events will be once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to test yourself, and I don't have to tell any of you it will be the hardest physical and mental test you've ever done on a bike.

It's an expensive proposition, just as it is for professional teams to mount a grand tour campaign, and the commitment of time to training and the trip is considerable. That said, I hope a few of you will dig into those savings to line up at the Passage du Gois with us. I can promise that riding into Paris will go into the books as one of the best things you've ever done.

Now jump to reve.cc and have a good read.

12 Responses to Rêve.cc – The Ultimate Grand Tour Experience

  1. If I had not just shelled out more than $25,000 on a new custom Parlee Z1 (and a couple of wheelsets), I’d be right there doing this with you!

    Fabulous idea.

    If there’s any funds left after our cycling holiday in the US (I’m currently living in Australia) in early May 2011 I’ll let you know!

    Keep up the great work.


  2. Whoa, that’s my kind of spending, or at least it used to be before I changed gigs. That Parlee is terrific.

    Suggest you cancel the US holiday and come to France.


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  4. Todd says:

    Time to start saving!

  5. Jon Moss says:

    What an amazing project Michael!! Congratulations – I can sense the amount of thought, work, planning and passion that has already gone into this.

    Looking forward to reading more about it and following the build up!


    • thanks Jon,

      We’re optimistic it will all come together as it did last summer, and hopeful that Rêve can find a special place atop the aspirational list of every road cyclist.


  6. the irony of being chronically an underemployed musician ..more riding time less funds..maybe Santa will leave an etape in each of my 21 stockings hung by the chimney with care… but if not coal is cool ,. ill sell it to the chinese and see you at the passage du gois

    • Willy,

      Hoping Saint Nic fills those stockings. Getting serious for a moment, we wish we could put this together for less, making it an easier nut to crack for people, but it just wasn’t possible. As I just replied to Jon we hope to get our complement of riders this year, and give everyone else a long term goal to save for. It would be amazing to be around for long enough to get an inner circle of riders who completed all three grand tours over the course of a decade.


  7. BR says:

    This will be the pinnacle adventure for any rider that wants to experience the big event(s) from the seat of their bike, shoulder to shoulder with other like minded folks, and have a great documented history for the rocking chair. What I do recall from my similar adventure was that the time off of the bike was really interesting and a key component to the trip. Riding to the edge for 21 days would require me to enter a time machine and return to the days of much more disposable income, bachelor status, and a thigh circumference that is larger than my waist.

    The cost seems right and the website is very compelling. Now where did I put that time machine?

  8. kurt says:

    Noble Venture.

    I must complete my own personal goals before I add this one to the list.
    Affording this adventure is one thing. Training for it and completing it in good form is quite another.
    I will keep this on the maybe in 2013 list. Hope youare still working it by then.
    The price tag seems reasonable for all of the logistics support required to pull it off.
    Good luck making it work and I hope you can(enjoy it enough) make this a standard VeloGig.

  9. Michael,
    This is an awesome idea. It’s going to take me a couple of years before I can even fathom how to pull this of, but something to put on the “list”.
    Small nit, on the team bibs, the correct word for “all 21 stages” is “Toutes les 21 étapes”. Etape is feminine and should be plural (yeah, I know french is bizarre that way).

  10. Tom J says:

    This is exactly the type of idea that I would expect coming from you, Michael. Very coool!! Too bad I’m not even close to having the ability to do this, but this is definitely a once in a lifetime experience for some very lucky people.