Air Cav & HTC Specialized Highlights

Now that the silly season is over and my oath of secrecy is no longer binding thought you'd enjoy some of these photographic moments from the HTC Specialized fit camp in December. Some of these images have already appeared on and Peloton (don't forget the proper photo credits folks). More later this week.

Cav takes a little air after his fit session

Mark Cavendish gets a little air

Eisel leads out Goss in new team car

Bernie Eisel leads out his teammate

Marco Pinotti ready for grand tour


Congrats Hayden Roulston on NZ RR Championship


More Cav

Cavendish Cavendish Cavendish wearing SKINS

9 Responses to Air Cav & HTC Specialized Highlights

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  2. Paolo says:

    Great photos!

  3. kurt says:

    Nice to see you are making the rounds. Well deserved and thanks for sharing.

  4. Dave Wyman says:

    While these are cycling photos, they are compelling, for me, because they are so fresh-looking, compared to what’s served up most of the time (except by you, Michael).

  5. Fun, fresh and displaying personality – love ‘em!

  6. Jon Moss says:

    Brillant photos and so good to see Cav enjoying what he does best – riding!

  7. Mark Rushton says:

    Good spread in the new Cycle Sport in the UK. Nice pics and it looks like you captured a good team spirit

  8. kaiko says:

    i just discovered the hotness that is eisel.

    i was so jealous when i first saw this post but now i am SUPER JEALOUS…! i bet you even got to TALK to him!