A Grand Tour Remembered

A Tour Remembered - Reve.cc Riding up the Champs Elysees

If a picture is worth a thousand words, you'd think 23,000 pictures would tell the complete story of this year's Tour, or anything else for that matter... but telling is one thing, understanding another. Six months after I shot the last images of our team arriving in Paris, I still haven't been able to put the whole journey into perspective.

Not a day goes by without something or someone triggering a memory from those remarkable three weeks. The more I remember, the longer the Tour gets. A grand tour acts like a giant spring that compresses everything inside it; especially time.

If you're thinking about whether you've got a grand tour in your legs. You'd be surprised like I was that it is possible if you've got the heart. I hope you'll join us this summer... I really want to go back and experience the magic again. Another team, another route but the same rewarding struggle. It will change your life, it has changed mine. Grand Rêve.

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