Photographs from the Hebrides

the hebrides Grass and Snow Deer at the Dawn Highland Cattle Beach Tracks Highland Cattle

It was two years ago that Juli and I spent two weeks in February with Douglas Salteri, my uncle and Scottish landscape photographer. Check out his site to see beautiful images from all four seasons of our beloved Scotland. Together we traveled out to the Hebridean islands of Lewis and Harris which are well North and West of our friend Brian Palmer's island of Islay. I'd taken along a bike borrowed from Jim and Mark at Enigma, and when I returned I only processed the bike photography.

Last night, for reasons that probably have to do with accounting procrastination, I finally worked on some of the landscapes from the trip. In two weeks I'm heading back to the UK to shoot an assignment for Specialized. It will be a quick trip but I'm going a few days early to visit Douglas in Glasgow and hopefully shoot a few frames with him. Brian, I don't know if we'll get over to see you but better keep the shed locked just in case.

6 Responses to Photographs from the Hebrides

  1. William says:

    Great shots.

    I think the north west of Scotland has the most fantastic landscape of anywhere I have been. It is truly breathtakingly beautiful and I can’t wait to take my kids there one day.

    Have a good trip

    • Thanks William.

      I suppose it’s never truly busy out that far, but I’d recommend going off season, when you have the islands all to yourself. I can’t wait to get back there.


  2. Sorry to be so slow catching up Michael, after two years in the waiting, I’m glad you started, just proves that procrastination isn’t all bad. Good to see your view of the islands and not just the view on the back of your camera. We spent some happy hours on these splendid beaches in all kinds of weather. Do you recall the early start when we made it to the beach and the light looked as if it might do the trick, when along came the heaviest hail shower I’ve ever witnessed, was I glad I had a hood on my waterproof jacket and a wooly hat under it too. You don’t often see a white beach, but we did. Meanwhile Juli was back at the b/b tucked up under the duvet doing the big zzzzzzz’s.
    Happy memories and who knows we might just get back one day, there’s lots of places you’ve still to see.
    Here’s to the next trip, looking forward to seeing you soon,

  3. HI Michael.,

    Love Landscape photography.. always been my passion since setting first sights on Ansel Adams work..
    Like you I am moving on to greener pastures from musician to Velocipede Cyclists’ Cafe/Cinema proprietor…espresso on the house if you ever were to stop by .. ( ps not sure what happened to last comment i sent.. it seemed to disappear, my apologies if Im duplicating my words..)
    Safe Journey..