Specialized McLaren Venge Launch

Specialized McLaren Venge

I saw my first iteration of the Specialized Venge in the wind tunnel over a year ago. It was a big deal to shoot today's launch, not only to see all the hard work and scientific research pay off for my friends at Specialized, but to see the initial product of a special partnership with McLaren unveiled. The McLaren Venge will be raced for the first time this weekend at Milan San Remo. Three riders on each of Specialized's three pro teams (HTC, Astana and Saxo Bank) will have them. Cavendish, Renshaw, Eisel and Vino among the nine.

The McLaren facility is awe inspiring. The architecture "surfaces" from the landscape and flows along the edge of an enormous cooling pond for the wind tunnel within. Every facet of the building speaks to the companies engineering and championship pedigree. No detail, fastener, strut, surface, material, texture, lighting, interaction, or behavior is left to chance. A stable of storied McLaren cars sits poised as if to race again on the grand McLaren "boulevard" inside. A legion of engineers and designers stand behind those cars in work spaces, labs and offices as spotless and engineered as the cars themselves.

There's more to tell about this amazing experience but for now enjoy a handful of my images from the assignment.

Specialized McLaren Venge Specialized McLaren Venge Specialized McLaren Venge Specialized McLaren Venge

27 Responses to Specialized McLaren Venge Launch

  1. Stephen Bartnikowski says:


  2. Todd says:

    Simply beautiful.

  3. Jon Moss says:

    What beautiful shots Michael, and the words “dream assignment” come to mind! So looking forward to the MSR tomorrow.

    I’d love to get McLaren to design my office…

    By the way, will Specialized let you release the photos high res for wallpaper? (to fit a 30″ screen please!).

    Best wishes,


  4. Rich says:

    Those cranks are interesting – would love to see them up close…

    FWIW, I think the bike is just a bit ‘so what’ – a total non-event for me.

  5. John Phillips says:

    I have to have one! When,where,etc? How much? I don’t care I have to have one!


  6. kurt says:

    The specialized looks BadAss with captial A. Take no prisoners, Meat eating, tear of their legs….BadAss. More than I can live up to but definitely inspirational.

    The Photos? Everything we have come to expect from you. Impactful.

  7. jt says:

    Can anyone tell me what kind of display rack that is?

  8. Dan Williams says:

    Hey, great looking bike and beautiful shots.
    Given the level of detail you describe above I cant understand why they sent the bike out for photos with a flat rear tub.
    Any insight?

    • Hey Dan,

      Full marks f

    • Hey Dan,

      Full marks for spotting the issue. Slow leak, no time, missing valve stem… you name it. Just one of those things that comes up at the worst possible time. I’ll probably do some photoshop fixing after the fact, but it hardly detracts from the bikes. Just saw Cav’s machine getting final prep for tomorrow. No problem with air in his tires ;-)


  9. Aaron says:

    Gorgeous. This may hurt my bank account someday.

  10. Phenomenal images. What a machine! What was your strobe setup?



  11. Dad says:

    Hi Son: Stylish and professional. Head-pn the machine has a simplicity of design and functionality that gives the cycling enthusiast a thrill.
    Hope the race goes as well. Love Dad

  12. The cycle looks as if it’s moving even though it’s on the stand, very powerful looks and great photography too. It sits well with the McLaren behind it.


  13. BR says:

    Question – each day there is different set of pictures in the gallery. Do they rotate the galleries to give some kind of equal time to the press?

    • I don’t know BR… don’t actually have time to even check if my images are being used. Always good when you guys let me know you’ve seen them.


  14. BR says:

    ..I am referring to the gallery on Cyclingnews.com

  15. David yuan says:

    Nice! Very nice

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  17. Jon Moss says:

    For those wanting the stands – just order from Wiggle here in the UK. However, I fear the postage costs could be astronomical!

    They are excellent and use them on my bikes. Simple and elegant.

    Best wishes,